Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Saudi Woman’s Latest Abaya Guide

The Saudi Woman’s Latest Abaya Guide

Abayas: hottest designers and trends.

To make abaya shopping simpler for our Jeddawi women, we created a list of Jeddah’s hottest abaya designers who cater to women who always experiment.

Whether you are the Busy Bee; running errands, or the Working Woman juggling family life with a successful career, there is something for you.. Whether you are the Beach Lover who finds herself at one with Jeddah’s beautiful beaches or the Glamorous Diva who counts gatherings and chic dinners as the thing to do, we also have something for you.




A team of four designer friends, Amal Alkukhun, Mashael Al Nugali, Rawan Binjabi and Shahd Abdulghani, came together to create a brand that seasonally caters to more than one taste; the chic, the sporty, the quirky and the traditional. Unusual concepts like abayas with attached scarves and snoods are one of the things that make this brand a true reflection of Jeddah’s culture. Their next collection of beauties will be released in Ramadan.

Mob: +966-542076476
Instagram and Snapchat: Silverliningjed

Sue Designs


Suad Al Zamil has established herself as the go-to brand for casual-but-chic abayas, using patterns she collects from the numerous countries she travels to, or the use of embellishment and sequins to liven up abayas. Suad’s latest creations focus on casual styles that speak out to women who are looking for simple, practical, young and trendy looks.

Location: Arafat Rd., Al Hamra Dist.
Mob: +966-541151595
Instagram: sue_designs




Designer Alaa Al Jefri’s passion for fashion and in turn abayas, started with memories of sewing and looking over fabrics with her mother. From the humble beginnings of a small project, Babushka now has their own standalone boutique, providing all year round abayas and kaftans. The current White Collection is an offering to working women who take pride in their careers and wish their abayas to be a translation of that. Her abayas are available till December this year, with a Ramadan and Eid collection to be launched in May.

Location: Al Kayal St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Mob: +966-540005915
Instagram: babushka_store



“Honeycomb,” Nugash’s latest offering, is inspired by its namesake. Available till Ramadan, Mai Enani’s collection is a mix of casual smart abayas and subtly glamorous abayas, which are perfect for work purposes and events. This collection features hexagonal cells of honeycomb heavily throughout the pieces, with honeycomb droplets making appearances too.

Mob: +966-567072446 / +966-567072446
Instagram: nugash


Rana Ismail


Rana Ismail has established a reputation for being a designer who believes in bringing others together. Her collection offers subtle and soft bisht style linen abayas in various colors with embellished and semi-Aztec trimmings. Using previous fashion and design experiences, Rana Ismail creates stylish and modern yet sophisticated abayas for women who prioritize elegance and comfort.

Location: Abdul Maqsud Rd., Al Radwah Dist.
Mob: +966-540884744
Instagram: rana_z_ismail / libraboutique


Layla Bisharah


Layla Bisharah created a brand that mixes glamor and sophistication to create chic abayas that focus on minimal designs. The label’s current monochrome collection highlights three colors; black, white and camel, with 3D plain, gold and beaded florals. Her next collection will be released before Ramadan and can be found at their boutique.

Location: Arafat Rd., Al Hamra Dist.
Mob: +966-545224440
Instagram: layla_bisharah

Shada Bogari


Shada Bogari aims to create classic looks with contemporary details and edgy cuts. Her designs reflect the personality of a chic distinguished and classy Arab woman. Seeking to create fashionable elegant abayas for young and adult Arab females, her Victoria Summer/Eid collection 2015 and Ward collection for Spring 2016 are both available at her boutique.

Location: Al Amal Street, Al Nameem Dist.
Mob: +966-564646466
Instagram: shadabogari



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