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The Inspiring Ahmed Emara – Motivational Lecturer, Speaker And Writer

The Inspiring Ahmed Emara – Motivational Lecturer, Speaker And Writer
By Maryam Al Dabbagh

We all go through periods of worry, desperation and just plain hopelessness in our lives. We feel as though we’re stuck in a hole in the ground, with no way out and no compass to guide us.

4Sometimes, we’re in need of a guide to stick a GPS in our hands and point us in the right direction, to allow us to realize that it’s not actually a hole we’re in – it’s a tunnel, and we can
see the light at the end of it, just around the next bend.

Ahmed Emara is one of those people whose inspirational lectures, quotes and stories provide encouragement to everyone – whether you’re going through tough times or if you just need a little pick-me-up to get you through your day with a smile.

Emara is an Egyptian with a great deal of international experience as both a student and a teacher. Beginning with his bachelor’s degree in Islamic psychology from a university in Saudi Arabia and ending with two PhDs in psychology and parapsychology from universities in the US, he had a very intriguing education, which he utilizes to the maximum in his inspirational work.

5His professional background in psychology can be seen in each and every one of his videos, lectures and articles. Combined with a sincere dosage of faith grounded upon Islamic principles, Emara’s work demonstrates that a symbiosis of two worlds can truly be found between the spiritual wisdom in Islam and the scientific knowledge of the West. In his videos, he combines excellent public speaking skills burnished by lucidity and confidence, with a genuine message that anyone in the audience will find value in. His many thoughtful articles urge readers to look beyond any lackadaisical practice of religion, in mere shallow actions alone.

Emara tells us to go deeper than just following traditions blindly; to choose and practice what one truly believes in order to bring about a better and more fulfilling life for themselves and others.

This awareness can only come about when one chooses to employ their God-given intelligence to exercise this important choice, and only then can one find true value in worship. Emara also complements this with many self-help articles that urge readers to think positively in order to bring about truly positive changes in their lives.

Emara’s work is well worth looking into, and is yet another example of an excellent force for change in the religious community.

Youtube: DrAhmedEmara
Twitter: DrAhmedEmara
Facebook: a.3emara


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