The Heat & the Hair

There is no simple remedy for the suffering that accompanies long hair during the summer.

There are few things quite like the disgusting feeling of having your hair stuck to the back of your neck in soaking clots. Sweat is a natural phenomenon in the heat, but sweat on hair is just wrong. Plain ol’ wrong.

If you, like me, despise this feeling with every once of your being, then there are really only two ways out. Option a, which is highly recommended, is to

Option A Shear Madness

Refresh yourself and your hair by taking a pair of shears through it. Chop it off. Not all of it obviously, unless that’s what you’re into then by all means go for it.

  • A Pixie cut is adorable.

But can be tricky for certain face shapes. Make sure your stylist knows which suits you best. We personally recommend the pixie cut for heart and oval faces with straight to slightly wavy hair.

  • Shaggy and savvy

Shaggy hair works on different face shapes as well as different lengths. However, a shaggy haircut is best with straight to wavy hair.

Option B Styling

If you don’t want to lose your locks, you can style your hair to spare your self the extra degrees of heat you get when you have it down. For some reason, the 90s are the best era for up-dos, especially since that era has been making a comeback.

  • Pony Tails

ponytail-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf1Ah the ultimate go to. If you’re looking to spruce up this classic, tease the top of your hair and slick back the sides for a sleek Matrix-y look. If that’s not your thing, try the 90s classic half-up ponytail. For an extra 90s flair lay your edges. If you don’t know what that means, it’s the process of styling the baby hairs around your face.

  • Braids

braid-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf2A fish braid, messy braids, small breads or French braids, this hair shortcut is a lifesaver. If you have some color or highlights in your hair and its medium length, we highly recommend twin braids. They’ll accentuate the color and keep your hair away from your neck. IF you have long hair, we suggest a ponytail fish braid. Pull your hair into a ponytail, part it as you prefer it, and French braid the tail. For added style, you could always add in beads or charms to your braids.

  • Buns

bun-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf1This is a personal favorite. Low maintenance, high impact. Whether it’s a tight high bun, or a loose messy bun, I’ll take it. We’re not going to teach you how to bun up your hair, because we know you got this one covered.

May the heat be ever in your favor, Riyadhis.

  • Bob

In my years of trying to nd the perfect haircut, the bob rose above all others. Whether you’re hair is straight, wavy or curly, or you’re face is round, oval, or heart shaped, bob’s your favorite uncle. If you’re hesitant to go too short, go for a lob (long bob). If you’re after something a bit more dynamic or edgy, go for an uneven or asymmetrical bob.

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