Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Heart & Art of Gifting

The Heart & Art of Gifting

Florists and craftspeople in the business of gifting, paper, and sending happy thoughts.


1. Mahmoud AlHajjaj
Florist and Manager, Rose Land

mahmoud-alhajjaj-copyWhen Mahmoud fell in love with floristry back in 2004, plunging into this career path as he realized his potential and interest in the field. Bouquets created by Mahmoud at Rose Land Flower Shop prominently featured fresh, natural flowers, arranged as elegant, vintage-inspired blooms. He takes inspiration from the flawlessness of nature, believing that flowers are a gift from God. He also believes that flowers are the best gift to both give and receive.

Location: Al Fayhaa District, Jeddah
Instagram: rose__land

Ships in Jeddah only.


2. Nouf Al Habib
Florist, Bella Fiori

2_nouf-alhabib_bella-fiori-_riyadh_sourced-copyDelivering memorable floral arrangements with a personal touch.

Nouf’s life revolves around her passion for flowers, art, design, and crafts. In 2014, while still in college, she turned this passion into reality by launching her online flower store. She took flower arrangement courses and drew inspiration from her trips to different countries, people, music, and the worlds of art and fashion, to create pieces that are simple, romantic, and with a personal touch.

Location: Ubay Ibn Muadh Al Ansari, Riyadh
Instagram: bella_fiori

Ships in Riyadh only.

3. Sama Al Rassi
Balloon Artist, Sky’s Story1_sama-alrassi_skysstory_zahra-anwer3-copy

While browsing through a balloon shop to pick up balloons for her sister’s birthday party in Russia, Sama developed an interest in balloon art. She learned the art of balloon printing and came back to Saudi Arabia to start her own venture – designing customized and confetti-filled balloons.

Sama feels honored to be a part of people’s happy moments. She is greatly inspired by her clients’ stories, special occasions, and love for the person they’re showering with gifts. With these, she designs exclusive collections based on a client’s preference.

Instagram: skys.story

Ships in Riyadh only.


4. Reem Alabdulhadi & Abdulazeez Hashani
Florists and Event Designers, Rose Blanche

3_reem-alabdulhadi-and-abdulazeez-hashani_source_waleed-dashash-copyAbdulazeez and Reem are a husband-and-wife team running an event designing company specializing in flower arrangements, and providing services in venue décor. They eventually opened a flower shop after demand from clients increased. At Rose Blanche, Abdulazeez handles the administration and logistics end, while Reem takes care of design and arrangements.

Reem started off by creating different kinds of floral centerpieces for her house that comforted her and lightened up her mood. She soon developed her own style – typically focusing on what is pleasing to the eye, captivating yet natural.

Location: King Salman bin Abdulaziz Road, Khobar

Ships in Khobar and Dammam.

5. Rinan Farhat
Florist, Rinanculus Flower Workshops

rinan-farhat3-photo-by-florence-merryman-copyRinan is a florist who runs workshops to train others who wish to broaden their floral knowledge. In her studio, aims to ignite local talent and creativity among flower enthusiasts. “Our surroundings, along with social media platforms, can inspire and educate us,” she says. “I always encourage looking within ourselves and, less figuratively, looking inside our fridges for fruits and other ingredients to create an artistic bouquet.” She even incorporates seasonal fruits into her creations.

Mostly self-taught, Rinan has attended a few courses in flowers and design, and also holds a General Art diploma from Northeastern University, Boston.

Instagram: rinanculus

Workshops are conducted in Khobar.


6. Tamim Al Kadi
Craftsperson, La Creation

5_tamim-alkadi_lacreation_sourced2It was after his personalized gifts to friends and family became a big hit that Tamim decided to make it into a business, launching La Creation in 2013. The business grew from his basement, with no other employees initially besides himself and his wife Lubna. Together they started and did everything from scratch ­– from receiving orders, preparing the products, packaging, delivering and shipping, to managing financials with a startup capital of under US$100. Their team has expanded to 10 members since.

Tamim specializes in crafting personalized messages through adorable mini-figures (figurines) that match the identity of the gift-receiver. His love of renovation, renewal, and change for the better are his sources of inspiration.

Instagram: la__creation

Ships worldwide.

7. Hessa Omair
Designer and Craftsperson, Pixels & Prints

8_hessaomair_greeting-cards_zahra-anwer3-copyHessa started out as a branding professional in 2016 before branching out and starting her own stationery line. Using her graphic design skills to full advantage, she produces greeting cards and calendars inspired by good vibes and her surroundings, both very popular with those looking to gift creative crafts to others (or to themselves!).

Instagram: hessao_

Ships worldwide.

8. Sara Al Humaidan
Gift Curator, Raseel Gift

9_sara-alhumaidan_raseel-gift_sourced3-copySara and her partner Albara Alauhali run a company that sends out gift hampers – thoughtfully curated, marble-themed packages that feature luxurious, accessible, and meaningful items catering to the interests and hobbies of the receiver. Sara’s flair for gift-curating and gift-wrapping has resulted an award from Zid Platform as one of the top five best e-commerce websites of 2018.

Raseel will soon debut its first physical store in Riyadh, and will also host crafts workshops, events, and activities.

Instagram: raseel_gift

Ships around the GCC.


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