The Freediving Enthusiast: Ghadeer Al Nassier

The sea changes tides so does Ghadeer Nassier as she dives deeper into the hidden crevices of the beautiful azure waters that ripple with every movement she discovers herself.

As one of the founders of the freediving community, she connects with people who love diving as much as she does. Although they are a reasonably small community, the conversation they have impact her profoundly.

Freediving consists of holding your breath for as long as you can and dive underwater wearing nothing but fins, a mask, and some weight to help you go down faster. The most crucial part of freediving is to perform some breathing exercises before plunging in to avoid accidents.

Georgios G. Shipwreck, Tabuk

Georgios G. Shipwreck, Tabuk

As the sun rises and the sky is ruled with orange hues, she plans her day, packing her bags with everything she needs because she knows it’s going to be a long day. As she heads to ride a boat, she feels energized just thinking about being under the water. As the clock hits nine, she is already home unwinding.

Her explorative nature is not limited to the sea. Although she has a special connection to the waters, Ghadeer deeply enjoys discovering hidden gems and spots around the city and kingdom. She engages with the city and its people. Sometimes she finds herself in random conversations with strangers. She is one with people, and it is the people that make her city.

Beautiful tropical coral reef with shoal or red coral fish Anthias. Wonderful underwater world with corals, tropical fish

Three Happy Places

Coral Gardens
One of the most prestigious features of the Red Sea, coral gardens is a natural underwater location filled with an abundance of colorful corals that characterize the essence of the Red Sea.

Asfan Eagle Rock
Renowned for its historical castles, Asfan Eagle Rock, is a popular hiking location with a breathtaking trail. Ghadeer heads there every now and then to either camp or hike with a group of her friends.

JumpowlaneJarir Mall
A family entertainment center offering various arcade games and activities, Ghadeer heads to their ten-lane bowling arena and enjoys a bowling game with her friends and family.

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