The Divemaster’s Journey: Osama Jouhairi

Image courtesy : Osama Jouhairi

As Osama Jouhairi hits the ocean, he feels most alive.

With his passion for the open water, he has created a repertoire full of success. Along with Ishaaq Alfarsy and Mariam Shalan, they founded the Jeddah Freediving School. Combining their experiences and achievements, they built the school to educate people unfamiliar with freediving by sharing their knowledge and experiences, creating a community for this sport.

The freediving community has been growing year by year, and it’s time to look forward with the passion of  Jeddah Freediving School, and explore the amazing places the world has to offer.

My life changed completely after being a merman underwater. I saw all kinds of things in the sea, but nothing compared to when I freedive. It takes my breath away. You only need one breath to go underwater, and it feels like what aquatic mammals feel like.”

He has participated in various disciplines, and gained multiple ranks; each helped Osama grow his diving prowess by leveling up his skills from 55 and 60 meters to 123 meters deep.

Osama ranked as one of the deepest divers in the GCC in the category of “Constant Weight No-Fins,” reaching 45 meters deep.

An equally accomplished photographer, he has also shot underwater scenes for Ahmed AlShugairi’s TV show “Seen,” which aired during Ramadan.


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