The Bubble Extravaganza

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See the bubble, live the bubble, be the bubble!

They’re finally here! The giant-inflated bubbles we’ve usually seen on random game shows, where a human is granted the opportunity to go inside and roll around, are finally here!

A number of small start-ups are willing to deliver large inflatable balls to you and your friends so you can go bouncing around. There are many games you can play with these bubble/balls such as football, bumper bubbles (an alternative to bumper cars) and even water ball where you can just get inside a pool while in a bubble.

All you need to do is specify a venue, call the featured numbers and they will deliver to your location.

Another bubble-related activity that has come forth in Jeddah is rentable huge inflated bubbles that you can go inside of and literally utilize as a room. Whether it’s for a party, dinner, or just retrieval from the city life, these tents are a great way to observe the outside world.



Jeddah Bubble

  • SR 150 for 2 hours for small bubbles with delivery and other facilities.
  • SR 400 per hour for large bubbles with delivery and facilities.

Special Offers:  

  • Bubbles available: Soccer bubble, water balls and the giant water roller.
  • Activities: Soccer bubble, beach activities and indoor activities.
  • Location available for families in Al Rawdah District
  • Location available for boys on Malik Road
  • On location: SR 1,400 for 10 bubbles, 40 drinking water bottles and stadium rent for 2 hours.
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Jeddah Bubble Games
Prices: SR 20 per bubble per hour (standard size)

Special Offers:  

  • Book for more than 5 hours – special discounts
  • Deliver to your venue
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Saudi Bubble Games

  • On location: SR 200 for 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • For delivery:
    • SR 120 for 1 hr and 15 minutes
    • SR 150 for 2 hrs and 15 minutes

Special Offers:

  • Location available in Murjan District
  • Deliver to your venue
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Bubble Tent
Prices: SR 850 – 1,200 depending on time taken for delivery and size of location.

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Diamond Bubble Tents (coming soon)

Instagram: bubble_tent_jed


Portable Swimming Instructor: SwimFins

Remember when we used ‘arm bands’ to help us swim? Well now times have changed and an awesome alternative has been introduced to the world: The SwimFin.

With protruding fins that serve as aids to keep the children afloat, the SwimFin allows them to learn all sorts of swimming techniques such as the dolphin, angelfish, snapper, shark and so much more. There’s no need to spend on hiring swimming instructors; SwimFin does the entire job. All you need to do is order them online through the following website.

Contact Information:
KSA Distribution

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