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The Bold and Well-Dressed Stylings of Mohammed Khoja

The Bold and Well-Dressed Stylings of Mohammed Khoja
By Donya M.
We snagged an interview with Mohammed F. Khoja talking about his upcoming brand, HINDAMME.

What inspired the brand name?

I wanted a term rooted from our culture, that was important to me and that could easily translate. Hindamme is an old Arabic term to describe someone who has very high aesthetics and is very well-dressed, so I felt it was fitting to my vision for the label.

How did HINDAMME start?

Hindamme started as a few concepts. I was tired of seeing elements from our past as Saudis being completely forgotten and I felt obliged to showcase them and present their beauty. But, I also wanted to create a well-made contemporary brand from the Middle East at the level of Acne Studio, for example, and that has potential to cross cultures to Western fashion audiences.

Where do you find inspiration for your collection?

The inspiration for the first collection came from merging both the themes of East meets West and traditions versus modernity, which I feel is very indicative of us as GCC youth. I am also greatly inspired to create wearable art that withstands time while applying aspects of minimalism. The result is a collection that is not just visually aesthetic but also tells a story.

What does your collection include?

The first collection includes key pieces that we all love such as structured bomber jackets with edgy zipper detailing, as well as a selection of short sleeve and long sleeve tops constructed from various materials and print. These also include hidden zipper detailing on the sides, opening all the way up to allow wearing the tops in a more asymmetrical way.

Who is the HINDAMME customer?

Anyone really. I don’t like to define the customer too much, but, I would definitely say someone that is bold and more individualistic. I am impressed by people who have their own signature style that showcases their confidence.

If you had one fashion tip to give the HINDAMME customer, what would it be?

Wear something that you feel good in. Follow only trends that you appreciate but apply them in your own way.

Describe your brand using one word.


What is in the future for HINDAMME?

My goal is to see HINDAMME become the equivalent of beloved global brands. I want to go into other areas of design outside of fashion, but I always want to apply the highest forms of visual aesthetic in anything I do. That aside, I do want to reverse the tables in a sense and hopefully export hints of our culture to the West.

Mohammad’s Favorites:



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