Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

best sales time in Saudi arabia

best sales time in Saudi arabia

You’ve got to shop but it’s not always the best sales time in Saudi arabia  unless you have insane amounts of money and not much care for it.

best sales time in Saudi arabia of the year, the commodity and even the city you’re in makes a huge difference when it comes to shopping. Here are the basics you need to know before you bring out your wallet:

1. Sales are your best friend.

Shop whenever there is a sale but only buy what you would actually love to use – whether it’s clothing or home décor. Most malls and shopping centers in Saudi Arabia go through waves of sales each year, that count as the best sales time in Saudi arabia 

2. Morning trips to the souk.

Stores where you can get a bargain are best visited when it’s morning time. You can get some amazing deals on abayas if you visit the abaya souks during the morning time when customers are scarce.

3. Summer Sweaters | best sales time in Saudi arabia

If you’re planning a trip to a cold country buy sweaters and other warm clothes during the summer months when they’re on sale.

4. Winter beach buys.

Right after summer ends is the best time to stock up beach essentials.

5. Electronics

Big TVs and other heavy electronics are best bought around the March and April area. This is the time when new models are launched in stores so a lot of stuff gets price reductions.

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6. Back To School Deals

Towards the end of summer, most stationaries and bookstores come up with great back-to-school deals. This is the best sales time in Saudi Arabia in bulk, especially if you own a discount card for the store!

7. Un-festive Chocolates

If you want to save its best to buy chocolates after any chocolate-festive season like Eid. But of course, the thrill of buying chocolate during Eid is one of a kind!  

8. Belated Reading

If you love books but you’re on a budget then it’s best to wait a few months after the release date. New releases are usually higher priced than your average book.

There are many rules to shopping because it’s just not right to play around with money. But the best thing to remember is following your instincts and keeping a budget plan! 


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