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The Best Places To Buy Jeans In Jeddah

The Best Places To Buy Jeans In Jeddah
By Nadine Hussain

Wearing jeans is quite common in casual outfits, for weekends and in other fun evenings. Because we wear jeans on a daily basis, it is best to look for the most suitable pairs.

Here’s a list of brands in Jeddah where you’ll find amazing jeans!


Diesel has the best Italian jeans, accessories for jeans and other items of clothing. Their quality for casual fashion is great, and they have a wide range of styles. Diesel has several branches in Jeddah; Mall of Arabia, Tahliya, Hera Center, Bardriya Tower and Red Sea Mall. You will never regret buying a pair of jeans from Diesel!

optimized-american-eagleAmerican Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the best shops that is most recommended for those who are looking to buy jeans. They usually target people of a younger age of both genders and have all styles of jeans, colors and fabric type that you might be looking for. You can find the store in Red Sea Mall!

optimized-miss-siztyMiss Sixty

Jeans over here come in styles that you won’t be able to find at any other shop. It has its own style patent, which is what makes it unique. It provides a new collection every summer that will fit your needs. Hurry up and visit Miss Sixty in Red Sea Mall!


Bershka is very popular for their clothing. Their blue skinny jeans are much loved ones and are one of their most popular products. Bershka offers comfortable, colorful, stylish and casual jeans, so head over to their nearest store in Jeddah! (Aziz Mall, Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia, etc.)

optimized-armani-exchangeArmani Exchange

Armani Exchange is famous all over the world for its clothing line. They have high quality jeans, which are suitable for casual wear and have great fabric with novel fittings. Don’t hesitate to try the modern touches in Armani Exchange! The store is available at Tahliya Centre and Mall of Arabia.

optimized-calvin-kleinCalvin Klein

If you’re looking for exceptional jeans that don’t wear out quickly, Calvin Klein is the right choice for you. Their jeans have a very soft touch and impeccable designs. They last for years!


What makes their jeans unique is the colored patches on them. They have a special section for kids as well. Their great design has been creating wide popularity as they use art as a tool to catch people’s attention.



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