The Best Outdoor Activities In Riyadh

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The season has now turned and with that comes the opportunity to get out, get active and have an adventure. With the wonderful weather we’re having, Destination pulls you off the couches and invites you to take a break and embrace the great outdoors!

Sand Surfing / Sand Boarding

Remember that saying, “Make do with what you have?” We don’t have a sea or ocean within a 500-mile radius but we do have sand, sloping sand dunes and a whole lot of imagination. Similar to snowboarding, sand surfing is all about riding down a dune while strapped to a customized board. It’s a real recreation sport by the way and competitions are held in other parts of the world. If you ask us, Riyadh can easily become the sand boarding capital of the world.

Where to go: Al Yamama Desert, Al Nigga Desert
Where to get a board: Podium Outdoor, Uruba St.

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Dune Bashing

For Riyadhis looking for an adrenaline rush, you’re bound to get it by taking part in the driving excursions that take place in the red sands of Riyadh. Dune bashing means riding up and down sand dunes in a four-wheel drive car. A note of caution though, this is an activity that requires practice in sand driving and the proper conditioning of your vehicle. Our advice is that you join a four-wheel drive club; they know the terrain better and will help you get started.

Clubs: The Range Rovers, 4WD Riyadh
Alternative: Quad Riding; quad bikes are usually available for rentals near public desert areas, an option for those wanting to enjoy frolicking in the sand at 30 miles per hour.

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If you truly want to enjoy the weather and just take in the nature’s vibe, then camping is definitely one of the things you’d want to try. The outskirts of Riyadh make an ideal place for overnight escapades and weekend trips. You can rent one of the special khaima (tents) that are equipped with a grilling station, a fireplace to roast some wild mushroom and s’mores, and has insulated walls to shelter you from the cold. Another option is dust off your boots and tents and just drive out, find a spot and set up camp. Just make sure to have your GPS with you at all times.

Where to buy stuff: SACO and Home Center
Where to go: Thumama Resort, Thumama Deserts

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Going on a trek is one of the activities you can add in your camping itinerary. Riyadh has very interesting rock formations and off-beaten tracks to conquer. If you decide to hike or trek, you can easily join an activity group who usually go out on weekends to various sites. There are also forests that you can visit for long walks if you’re not yet ready to take on a more mountainous challenge.

Clubs: Riyadh Hashers, Internations
Famous Treks: Edge of the World, Riyadh Hidden Valley

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Thumama Airport is home to some private aviation centers as well as SAFA (Saudi Arabian Flight Academy). You can head on out to Thumama with your friends and avail of the discovery flights on a per session rate. This would give you the chance to get a quick lesson on flying a plane, have a scenic bird’s eye view of the city and yes, take control of the craft and slice through the clouds.

Who to call:

Tel: +966-11-4151987

Land Space Aviation:
Mob: +966-509992229

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