Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Food Trucks: Jeddah’s Surprising New Activity of Choice!

Food Trucks: Jeddah’s Surprising New Activity of Choice!

Everyone likes to joke that there’s nothing to be done in Jeddah apart from eating. You head to the mall only to end up anchored in the food court, or you visit your friend’s house and punctuate the night with a Feast of Overfeeding courtesy of the fabled Middle-Eastern hospitality. The third and final option is really just going straight to a sit-down restaurant or café.

So, the jokes may have some truth to them, but what we’ve been overlooking this whole time is the potential of making it a fun activity. And food trucks have come to the rescue!

Food trucks are…

You’ve definitely seen them in movies and abroad – whether your exposure was via Dubai’s Salt, or a random Halal truck in New York, the idea of eating food made out of a  mobile kitchen stuffed into a mode of transport (well, that’s what they are) was strange at best. But one bite of the food you got was enough to turn you around completely. And the new is definitely noteworthy in our own Jeddah. Here are some of the ones that stood out to us:

If you’ve got a sweet tooth: The Cube

Waffles, pancakes and shakes galore! Fresh desserts and a bevy of drink options abound aboard this compact kitchen, which also offers catering for parties and orders.

Find them: usually next to Aya Mall
Talk to them: +966-560800092
Instagram: thecube_sa
Twitter: @thecube_sa

The burger aficionado is spoiled for choice

Everybody loves a good burger! And that’s probably why Jeddah is home to two great burger trucks: Caravan Burger and Street Chef. Fresh and smoky flavors meet in both kitchens, with Street Chef offering a rotational menu and Caravan Burger sticking to what they know is good.

Find them: this one’s different – you need to check their accounts!
Talk to them: Caravan Burger: +966-568069000
Street Chef’s Whatsapp: +966-569203011
: caravan_burger and streetchefsa
Twitter: caravan_burger and streetchefsa

And for the one that roots for the underdog: Relish

relish_ksaLet’s be honest: people don’t really think about hot dogs. They’re usually lumped in with burgers or are relegated to kid-food status. And Relish is here to change that! Their juicy hot dogs can be customized with multiple topping options and are served fresh from a quaint cart.

Find them: check their accounts!
Talk to them: Whatsapp: +966-564640011
Twitter: relish_ksa


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