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The Best Jogging Spots In Riyadh

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Whether you’re looking to add Jogging to your exercise routine or simply take a leisurely stroll outside, Riyadh has running trails and paved paths that are sure to get your sneaker-clad toes tingling for a run or walk.

Below is a list of spots you could go to clock in some steps and get a whiff of fresh air in the process.

King Fahd Medical City

It’s one of the most accessible paved running track since it’s right in the middle of the city. The path is 3.5 kilometers and well lit, making it a convenient place to head off to for after work runners. There are signs that let you know how far you’ve reached as well as benches that make for rest stops if you need a little break. The path is hard and doesn’t have any elevated areas. Do expect to see a lot of people eating shawarmas and sipping on cocktails, walking leisurely beside you, hence running at top speed may not be advisable.

King Abdullah Road Walk Path

A walk path you’d get to enjoy if you would also like a change of scenery. The track itself is well maintained with lots of trees on the side, which makes for a pleasant walk anytime of the day or evening. The pathway is wide enough to let you run unobstructed by other runners or the people drinking tea on the sidewalk benches. A portion of the track runs parallel to the main road so the pollution can be annoying at times.

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Diplomatic Quarter

The jogging path around the DQ is ideal for both leisure walking and advanced runners. There’s a clearly defined trail that surrounds the park areas and the added elevation is sure to enjoyed by those wanting to add a challenge to their routine. This is one of the most ideal running track accessible to the public for women who wish to exercise without their abaya. Just be sure to still do your runs in a proper and modest sports attire.

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Off Beaten Tracks

Some joggers who are looking for a little adventure and some fresh air (disclaimer: dust does come with that at times) can head off to the outskirts of Riyadh and add in some hiking with the running. Your best bet for a safe trip and finding the right places would be to get in touch with the Riyadh Hashers, a group that sets up these outdoor activities at certain desert locations.

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Don’t want to run alone?

You can try to get in touch with the Riyadh Road Runners club, it’s open to different nationalities and doesn’t require you to meet a certain fitness level. The Runners club also arranges marathons and running days in compounds and different areas in the city.

So if you’re keen on really getting into the sport, reach out to them through:

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