The Becoming of Jeddah

A sneak peak into the future.

As we notice the immense change within the country these past few years whether it be the multitude of events taking place including F1, Jeddah Season, Red Sea International Film Festival and more, or the newly opened destination including the unlimited cafes and restaurants, Jeddah has now taken a turn to create a better future for the city of Jeddah. We are proud to see and be part of this change.

What does Jeddah’s future look like? Scroll along!



  • Largest water park “Cyan Water Park”

Buckle up! We will be the witnesses to the largest water park yet to open in the country.

Instagram: cyanwaterpark

  • Jeddah central city

In the books is the construction of the central project in inspiration of the wealthy culture and history with a touch of modern diversity.


  •  Jeddah central stadium project

Another exciting project to be highly awaited is the stadium that is set to be located in Central Jeddah.


  • Al Nawras Island

Get your swimsuits ready because the expansion of Al Nawras Island is on its way.


  • Jeddah Al Tarikhiyah

Saudi history lives on! The project to re-establish life in Jeddah Al Tarikhiyah is ongoing and it is en route to create a destination for living and growth.


  • AlMasah Tower

The higher, the better! We are on the wait to look at the highest tower in the world, ‘AlMasah Tower’.


  • Red Sea museum

Art is always evolving in Saudi Arabia. The historical building of ‘Bab Al-Bunt’ will be home to the Red Sea museum in which more than 100 artworks will reside within.


  • More than 55 bus station spread across different places

We will soon see new and multiple different bus stops scattered around the city. Some will be air conditioned and some will be situated outdoors.


  • Rixos Resort

The first remarkable resort is said to open in Jeddah under the luxurious and opulent hospitality brands ‘Rixos’.


We are looking forward to the immense improvement  that is being built in the prosperous country we call home.

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