Taif Season

Photos by Abdulah Mahi Photos by Abdulah Mahi

From Outdoor Adventures to Blasts from Saudi’s Past.

Taif Season is among the many ‘seasons’ transforming the Kingdom into an internationally recognized tourist destination. Famous for its breathtaking mountain range, cool weather, and rich cultural heritage, Taif’s beauty was showcased through the many different events that took place in the city during the month of August. Here are the four main events of Taif’s Season.

Camel Festival

Festival-goers got to see not only the camels circling the area, they also got to try Arabic food served by vendors in traditional outfits at the food court, and also shop in the traditional market, where carpenters, blacksmiths, and other craftsmen had their wares on display. A striking sight was the ‘floating piano,’ which was played on a high pedestal.

The entire season was an elaborate recreation of the old days in the city, a fully immersive way for visitors to experience and learn about the city’s traditions and heritage. We can’t wait for it to come around again!

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Souk Okaz

The biggest national event of the year, Souk Okaz took visitors through a Saudi time capsule. Over 2,000 actors put out shows with snippets of Taif’s history, telling the story of the region dating back to pre-Islamic times. The performances were followed by exciting horse shows and musical talents.

Throughout the festival grounds were spaces allocated for other Arab countries, such as the UAE, Kuwait, and Lebanon, whose pavilions displayed their cultural foods, dances, and other items representing each of the countries such as mock building and meaningful heritage pieces. There is also a historic bazaar, with diverse stores that imitate historic trading in the region. Circling around the bazaar were camels that would give a feel of the older lifestyle. Some vendors would’nt sell to buyers unless they spoke proper Arabic as part of the character!

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Take a Hike

The Sadat Al Beed hiking trail was opened for visitors to take in Taif’s breathtaking views and good weather. Some were treated to a music-themed hiking trip while others took the cable cars and enjoyed a beautiful view of Taif’s mountain range.

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Photos by Abdulah Mahi

Fields of Pink

Taif is known for its roses, and this festival was the perfect way to showcase them in all their glory. Artists managed to install magnificent sculptures that transformed the flower gardens into an impressive and popular attraction. Vendors sold local foods and rose water, and there were food places and cafes dotting the trails. Mini buses shuttled visitors around the area, and the open fields were free for those who fancied a picnic.

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