Tabletop Games Club Write-up

The Tabletop Games Club (TGC) is a community of card- and boardgame enthusiasts who are getting together to play various tabletop games and who cherish the hobby of collecting and discussing boardgames. It is our aim to help spread the boardgame culture in Saudi Arabia more.

We build communities through play, by welcoming players from all ages to join a couple of games, in the hope that we can provide some fun times and instill the seed of playing card & boardgames.

We bring our own games to the events and we explain the rules to all the players before we start. All you must do is take a seat at the table and enjoy. We bring most of our games from overseas or buy them from specialized local stores.

We have established a partnership with ITHRA (King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture), in which we are hosting a regular GAME DAY once a month. The pictures show the huge acceptance of the previous Game day from Friday the 28th June.

Among many games, which often garnered international awards, we played Guildhall , a strategic card game with take-that element. In the background, Codenames, awarded Game of the year in 2016, a word-based guessing game.

img-20190629-wa0007-copyYou can see players fighting over territories in a tactical area control game.

img-20190629-wa0008-copyThe tensions were high in a highly atmospheric game.

img-20190629-wa0004-copyShows the overview, with an occupancy of 6 tables with at least 4 players on each table, one of which was a ladies-only table.

img-20190629-wa0013-copyShows another overview of the same with some game offerings in the foreground.

The Tabletop Game Club is hosting its next GAME DAY @ King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture on Friday the 19th July and we would be delighted to welcome any guests. Admission is free!

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