Sweetness of Iman

There are three qualities, whoever has them will taste the sweetness of iman; to love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone else, to love a slave (of Allah) only for (the sake of) Allah and to hate returning to infidelity, after Allah has saved one from it, as he would hate to be thrown into the fire (of Hell).Bukhari and Muslim

One can only imagine the flavour of iman; you can lick your lips as hard as you might, but you will not find it on the tip of your tongue. Unless, you didn’t wipe your mouth properly after lunch…but even then, the sweetness of iman is one that is found in the heart. It is a sweetness that is intangible; nonetheless attainable.

Its flavour seeps into the heart of a person when one has submitted to Allah and turned to Him alone. The love of Allah and His Messenger are the ‘recipe’ for this sweetness. Love coupled with action and obedience yields this delicate pleasure. To give Allah and His Messenger priority, to love them above all else, to make them the life of the heart, is the only avenue by which one can taste the sweetness of iman. In difficulties, in ease, in depression and joys, one opens his heart to his Lord, for Him to sweeten those bitter moments and to enhance those cheerful times.

Many have professed understanding the famous expression, ‘life without love is no life at all’, but in all truth, only one who has the love of Allah firmly rooted in his heart is capable of making such a bold claim. For a person who has the love of Allah engraved in his heart, realizes that he lives for Allah alone; to worship Him and to aim to please Him which increases his desire to meet Him and glimpse His Noble and Majestic Face. If one does not have the love of Allah in his heart, then I ask; what does he live for?

اللَّهُمَّ اِنِّىْ اَسْئَلُكَ حُبَّكَ وَ حُبَّ مَنْ يُّحِبُّكَ وحُبَّ عَمَلٍ يُّقَرِّبُ اِلى حُبِّكَ

O Allah, I ask You for Your love, and love of those whom You love, and love of deeds that will bring me closer to Your love.

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