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Sumou Gifts

Sumou Gifts
By Anousha Vakani

7An Arabic word for “highness,” Sumou Gifts is the one place where you will find gifts for your loved ones that are both precious and practical.


Sara Saleh AlFadl thought of Sumou Gifts last March just in time for Ramadan 2014. A special occasion was coming up and a meaningful giveaway was needed. AlFadl couldn’t think of anything of more value than the Holy Qur’an as she always thought presents should either be edible or very practical.

Sumou Gifts mainly specializes in the customization of covers for the Qur’an and other books and booklets.



1. Classic Covers
Choose from three different sizes in either lace or velvet, then move on to the color palette where you can choose from a variety of pastels and brights, and also decide whether you want a matte or glossy finish. Next, select from Sumou Gift’s variety of border styles and finally decide whether or not you want to personalize it further with a name on the cover.

2. Special Covers
A favorite of AlFadl’s is the “parent’s cover,” where a parent-related Qur’anic verse is printed in the middle of the cover. The parent’s cover is a bestseller with the most touching feedback from both givers and receivers. Special covers can be customized to your needs, for example a “marriage cover” if you wish to gift it to your spouse.

3. Special Customization
For special occasions, Sumou Gifts does full customization of the covers according to your preferences, whether for weddings, birth announcements, company giveaways or any other events.



Sumou’s booklet giveaways have been popular in birth announcements at both hospitals or home receptions. There are many options to choose from: Hisn Almuslim booklet, book of Duaas, Soorat Albaqara and many more. An order can contain more than one color and font color and you can choose to add a nametag on or have the names engraved on them.



An excellent way to add more blessings to all your Ramadan gatherings, Sumou Gifts organizes personalized giveaway booklets whether you choose the Duaa booklets or Duaa Khatm Al Qur’an (the duaa of completing the Qur’an). The Ramadan giveaways double as Eid presents as a means of encouraging your loved ones to continue reading
the Holy Qur’an well after Ramadan is over.

Mob: +966-553585577
Instagram: SumouGifts


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