Summer Fabrics Guide

Finding outfits made of these fabrics may seem like a challenge, but there are many fashionable looks on the market that can suit any occasion and will make your summers fresh, fun and effortless.

Are you spending a long time in front of your wardrobe choosing what to wear in hopes to avoid sweating? Choosing what to wear during the hot months of the summer can be difficult. Nevertheless, keeping it cool during the tropical temperatures is possible by following these easy steps:

  • Wear loose fabrics: summer is the perfect opportunity for dresses
  • Opt in for light-coloured fabrics: white textiles allow for less-visible sweat while dark colours absorb the sunlight and make you feel warmer.
  • Choose clothes with lace inserts: as they allow air-flow and keep you cool
  • Wear textiles such as: linen, cotton, chambray and silk/chiffon


Linen is a natural fibre that allows airflow because of the way it is loosely weaved together. Linen is a favoured summer fabric because of how lightly it falls on the skin.
Although linen wrinkles, ironing or hanging your clothes is the key to a carefree summer wardrobe.683882_bk_pp


Much like linen, cotton is perfect for the summer because it permits airflow through the fibres, which allows a light, breezy feeling on the skin.
Be careful! Cotton shrinks in the dryer.talitha


For the stylish summer, chiffon and 100% silk are your best bet. The flowing, light feeling of the clothes allows for air to reach the skin and keep it cool.
Be careful when choosing silk clothing, as only 100% silk allows airflow but fabric blends do not.talitha-

For the love of summer! Opt in for Chambray instead of Jeans

Chambray is a woven textile that is made out of cotton, a breathable fabric. Chambray thereby allows a light feeling on the skin, because of the finer weaving.
Proper jeans can be thick and heavy, preventing proper circulation of air, whereas chambray allows airflow.just-female-blue-line-chambray-shift-dress-product-1-19281492-2-850839430-normal

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