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By Isra Athar

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts,” Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle once said.

In today’s world, business has become one of the most studied disciplines. This is because businesses all around the world are an integral and primary part of the growing world. Whether it is an invention or innovation, all need some support from the business world to carry out what they intend to do.

Recently, “Entrepreneurship”, a branch of business, is getting a lot of attention by students, teachers and institutions. Entrepreneurship is trending all over the world, including Saudi Arabia where it’s a popular subject, especially amongst female students of business. In Entrepreneurship students learn how to open and operate a business using a small idea. The idea can be anything with the condition that it is socially acceptable and needed. Essentially, Entrepreneurship trains the students to put forward their idea as a business and run it successfully.Hindle-Model-of-E

Students of Entrepreneurship need to be aware of the applications and workings of all the major sub-fields like Finance, Marketing, Operations Management and Human Resources. Although famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg did not study the subject they are successful because of their experience. Hence, most universities offering a program in Entrepreneurship try to enhance the learning process by integrating courses that require practical and technical skills. Students are provided with an insight into all subfields of business and are given opportunities to visit different companies to understand the way a company works. By the end of the 4-year program students gain management skills and are also trained in how to turn any challenge into a business opportunity.

Becoming a student of Entrepreneurship doesn’t require students to take up Business studies in high school since Freshman Year of college prepares them by focusing on basic Business courses. As for job opportunities, students not only have the option to become a business pioneer, but they can also pursue a path in Business, Marketing or Finance by taking more courses after Bachelors. It’s no surprise that Entrepreneurship is described by many as the subject that brings dreams to life.

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