Striving through Tough Mudder

The place for you to unleash your athletic-self through the fitness event.

Taking place at King Abdullah Sports City on the 21st of January, Tough Mudder allows you to represent your athletic side with its activities that will require your jumping, running, climbing, crawling, and pulling your weight over the competitive obstacles. The obstacles will bring out your true potential throughout the common fears including water, electricity, and heights.

To make your journey more competitive and thrilling, make sure to bring along your family and friends to either compete against you or cheer for your support.

From the Start to the Finish areas, you will enjoy some delectable food, live music surrounding the arena, activities, along with the Tough Mudder obstacles.

Let’s talk about categories! 



  • Tough Mudder:

With 5km on the scale, you will overcome 13+ obstacles with no timings recorded. Keep in mind, 14 to 17 year olds will need a guardian present!

  • Tough Mudder: 

With 10 km, this category grants you 21+ obstacles to overcome.

  • Tougher Mudder:

This 1m obstacle course has 21+ obstacles to achieve. The challenge is that this course will be timed and ticked off with a medal handed at the end!

  • Mini Mudder

For ages including 6-12, the 1.5 km course gives you 8+ obstacles to challenge yourself with. This course has no specific timings and no awarded medal in the end.


P.S. to check in, you must have a guardian with you.

Keep in mind! 14-17 year olds need a guardian present!

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