Street Art Exhibition at Historic Jeddah Season

The Historic Jeddah Season continues to showcase various interactive workshops, performances and exhibitions ensuring that families enjoy their summers in the Kingdom.

Street art exhibition part of an Artist-led initiative, in association with the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Saudi Art Council and Art Jameel presents ‘The Waves Won’t Stop When You Leave” exhibition. This main exhibition for ‘Public/Private’ is composed of a series of installations, sculptures, video and photography. Street art in its varied shape and form can be noticed all around, whether it features poetic or social statements with beautiful murals or group tags and is a form of commentary and expression through a visual medium. The Waves Won’t Stop When You Leave, is one such street exhibition, with an aim to unpack the complex network of relationships between the artists, their physical environment and the society that have come to shape street art in Saudi Arabia. The street art at Historic Jeddah Season, encourages a continuous reflection and engagement with Al Balad district and its surrounding neighborhoods. Renowned local artists like Basma Flimban are part of this amazing artistic realm. Basma is an award winning artist, having showcased some of her outstanding work across the GCC. Visitors can immerse themselves in this art exhibition located at the Yard, beside Rabat Al Kunji, from 6 – 11pm until the end of the season.

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