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Steal From Your Baby – 14 Baby Products That Are Good For You

Steal From Your Baby – 14 Baby Products That Are Good For You
By Sumaiyya Naseem

Babies get the best of everything, and why shouldn’t they? They’re adorable and cute! We love babies, but sometimes (especially over the din of wailing) we get a special love for baby products.

If you didn’t think baby products would change your life, now is the time to check out these tips:

1. Baby Wipe Makeup Remover
It works, and its work very well. Moms, we know you’re tired after the party with baby tagging along, and now baby is hungry and crying and you need to get fresh. Don’t worry, just use baby wipes to get rid of the makeup!
2. Diaper Ice Pack
Might sound gross, but you’ll only need a few seconds to get over the weirdness. Remove the absorbent, and soak the diaper in water, then freeze it in a Ziploc bag.
3. Diaper Wiper
Sometimes we spill liquid and can’t find any towels in sight. Quickly brandish a fresh diaper and soak up the spill. It works!
4. Baby Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover
Baby wipes may not remove the waterproof makeup entirely. Dab a little baby oil onto a cotton pad and easily remove the waterproof makeup from your face and eyes.
5. Baby Lotion Dryness Fighter
Massage your body and feet with baby lotion to fight the dryness and cracked skin. Slather the lotion generously on your feet, baby won’t mind, and wear socks before you hop into bed.
6. Baby Sunscreen
Use it on yourself! It’s strong enough and doesn’t contain crazy chemicals and additives.
7. Baby Powder Sand Remover
You’re back from the beach, and the sand is all over you, your slippers, shoes, clothes and you get the idea… Use baby powder to get rid of it!
8. Baby Powder Dry Shampoo
Shake a little baby powder on the teeth of your comb and start combing at the roots and spread it out. It will soak up the oil and act as dry shampoo. Use little powder at one time.
9. Baby Hair De-tangler
Babies’ hair tangling problems don’t compare to the ones Moms go through! Baby hair de-tanglers work perfectly on adult hair. We recommend Johnson’s!
10. Diaper Rash Cream Healer
Use the diaper rash cream to help in healing cuts, big bites and burns.
11. Baby Powder Grease Fighter
Sprinkle baby powder on a grease stain, and rub it until it comes off. Add more powder to help in the process. Launder the cloth as per usual.
12. Baby Powder Pain Reliever
Apply a little baby powder to the area before applying wax. It will ease the process and get rid of the pain.
13. Baby Oil Paint Remover
Use baby oil to remove acrylic or oil paints from hands and brushes.
14. Baby Powder Stink Fighter
Some people have really smelly shoes. Sprinkle baby powder in the shoes to lessen the smell. It’s worth a try!

Comment below on baby products that you found useful below!


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