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Sports for All x Tough Mudder Arabia

This Saturday 21st of January, the ministry of sports, alongside “Saudi Sports for All” organization collaborated with Tough Mudder Arabia to organize a challenging and exciting obstacle course for all ages and fitness levels. 

The obstacle course challenge for all ages event took place in the King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah and began early in the morning until the afternoon with many different activities throughout the day and different races for all participants.

The main two races were the 5km and 10km obstacle course, however, they also organized a “Mini Mudder” for kids from the age of 6-8 years, 9-12 years, which was a simplified obstacle course with a length of 1500 meters. Moreover, they had races for teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 with an obstacle course of 5 or 10 km depending on how much you can go. 

The obstacles the racers had to overcome were very well thought of and gave the racers a roller coaster of experiences. From having to run up steep hills, climbing, crawling in the mud, and jumping in water, the racers were very much entertained while pushing their bodies to their limits. The goal here was not to finish first, but to complete the race. 

Mixed, ladies only and mini mudder and tough mudder obstacles, the mudder village created an incredible aura with vibes of joy and happiness bringing smiles, dancing, and lots of happy faces with the DJ who was playing. Created by the Saudi Sport For All (SFA), Tough Mudder attracted a large community across the city to turn on their mode to get fit and active. 

The event showed loads and loads of success through the participants and spectators reaching 1,500 attendees. And we can not wait to see what Tough Mudder has in store. 

For more, head to Tough Mudder’s instagram


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