Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Whether you’re in for some arid adventures at the capital or getting your humid laced vitamin sea at either coast, we’ve put together a guide to writing your best Saudi Summer Story yet…

This season is brought to you by the letters A-Z. Are you ready?


A – for Adventure

If adventure runs in your veins inject excitement and perhaps a bit of adrenaline into your daily schedule. Take a day out or two to explore the country–whether it’s a weekend road trip or an early ride on two wheels; it’s time to rough it up in the name of fun.

Male bicyclist riding a very dirty mountain bike downhill style

The easy mode, where you could either rent a bicycle and hit the cycle tracks on the New Jeddah Beach, explore local favorites in Riyadh like Wadi Hanifah and Diplomatic Quarter or ride by the Al Khobar Corniche, where you will witness stunning picturesque sights.

Want to amp it up?
Go Expert mode and try Dirt Biking. The Saudi Dirtbike Center is a guided enduro/adventure bike tour operator and a dirtbike training center that’ll help you get your gears rolling.

The Saudi Dirtbike Center
Instagram: saudi_dirtbike_center



Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Put your sunscreen on and head out to explore majestic caves. You can take a semi-road trip to the Heet Cave in Riyadh, located near Mount AlJubayl in the small town of Heet, a 45-minute drive from the city center. The cave is classified as a sinkhole that houses the bluest waters. Another must-visit cave is the Jabal Qarah, located in Hofuf in the Al Ahsa Oasis, a popular location with locals. The place draws in people during summer as the high walls and limestone regulates the temperature, keeping the caverns cool even on a hot day. Jabal Qarah is also known for its museum.

Make the most of the bike stations where you can rent HopOn electric scooters and cycles and ride across the city and its enchanting beach.

– Al Balad, Jeddah
Ride a scooter across the cobblestone streets with Spiders Mobility that can be found across various points in the historic district.
Instagram: spidersmobility

– Al Khobar
Ride by the pristine blue waters on the Corniche with City Bike, where you can choose from their wide range of tricycles, bikes, and scooters. They provide services 24/7 throughout the week.

– Olaya, Riyadh
You can grab a Gazal Scooter to ride upon the designated spaces for a view of the beautiful cosmopolitan city and its glimmering city lights.

Hit the road and head to the many diverse locations in and around the country. If you like a more tropical summer getaway, ride up to the Farasan Islands in Jizan or Umluj in Tabuk. While if you’re looking for a cool breeze, you can head to the glorious mountain cities of Saudi that are a haven for all those looking for a respite from the sun! Such as Abha, AlBaha, Tanomah, and Namas. You can also head East towards AlAhsa, known for its luscious palm-tree-filled oasis. While there, don’t forget to stop by their famous traditional markets and have a sampling of the seafood.

You can submit Jabal Qarah; the village of Al Qarah and its mountain can be found only a 25-minute drive East of Al Hofuf toward Al Ahsa National Park, rising 205 meters above sea level. Getting to the top will give you access to panoramic views of the city. Make sure you hire an experienced guide before heading up.

lanscapeB – for Beach

The one thing that will always be iconic in Saudi Arabia during summer is our affinity with the beach. Whether it’s the East or West Coast, once the sun is out, so are we. Here are some things you can do while the waves crash in and you take into the beauty of #beachlife.


The sweet spot before the summer heat takes over is right before the sun rises. Make the most of this golden hour to awe at the orange hues that take over the horizon, right over the deep blue sea. Of course, you can also head to the beach around sunset as the cooler air takes over to sit on the beach benches for a quiet time.


Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Pack your picnic baskets with your favorite treats and head to the beach; most public beaches in the country are surrounded by verdant green parks that are the perfect spots to lay down your picnic blanket, especially under the shade of a tree. So pack your fav treats and head to the beach.
Leave no Trace: Make sure to carry garbage bags and clean up once you’re done.

Picnic-Friendly Public Beaches:
→ Corniche, Al Khobar                

→ Jeddah Waterfront, Jeddah             
→ Alaiqh Beach Park, Yanbu
→ Umluj Corniche, Umluj           

→ Al Nakheel beach, Al Jubail           
→ Al Nawras Island, Yanbu



Nothing like a good rally with the sands between your toes as you play volleyball. No toss-up here!

Best places for beachside volleyball:
→ Beach Volleyball Court, Pure Beach, Yam Beach  – KAEC
→ Youth Beach – Yanbu  
→ Boho The Beach, La Plage, Sol Beach Resort, Oia Beach Resort, Seychelles Resort  – Jeddah

Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

C – for Culture

Summer is also the best time to explore and enjoy cultural sites (especially those air-conditioned ones *wink wink*), so head out to the beautiful museums for some drive-by or a long-winded trip down history.

Avoid the peak hours at Museums to dodge the crowd.

→ Lunch hours usually tend to have fewer visitors and so do Sundays or the start of the week.

newly-weds-on-an-advanced-dive-27-meters-below-the-propeller-of-the-ann-ann-wreck-abu-faramish-jeddah-dsc_0018D – for Diving

Feel like you’re one with the water and dive in to explore the secrets of the deep blue sea and the wondrous aquatic mysteries lurking beneath.

Red Sea Citizen Dive Club
Location: Ahmed Al Attas St., Al Zahra Dist. Jeddah

Jeddah Tec Diver
Location: Prince Abdulmajeed, Al Amwaj, Jeddah
Mob: +966-560223370

Bateel Divers
Location: King Faisal Ibn Abd Al Aziz, Al Mazruiyah, Dammam
Mob: +966-558202000

Saudi Diving Center
Location: Al Hizam, Al Semairi, Yanbu
Mob: +966-558202000

Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Natlus Divers
Location:Prince Faisal Ibn Fahd, Ash Shati Dist., Jeddah
Mob: +966-12-2061548

Hope of Spring Dive Center
Location: As Salamah, Jeddah
Mob: +966-562220007

Sea Divers
Location: Prince Hammoud, Madinat Al Umal, Al Khobar
Mob: +966-13-8972300

Diving Leaders
Location: Prince Abdulmajeed, Jeddah
Mob: +966-12-2061548


E – for Exercise

We know the heat makes you want to turn the AC up and find your oneness with the couch. And you know what? A little bit of that ain’t so bad— now, how about beating the summer laze haze and getting active?

Location: AlKhalidiya, Jeddah
Instagram: tamo.pilates

Location: Southern Ring Branch Rd., Riyadh
Tel: +966-920019910
Instagram: 9roundksa

House of Pilates
Location: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Rd., Al Bandariyah, Al Khobar
Tel: +966-536001404


Location: Riyadh, Jeddah
Tel: +966-560223370
Instagram: core.riyadh , core.jeddah

Body Power
Location: Ar Rawdah Dist., Jeddah

Instagram: body_power_gym

Location: Riyadh, Al Khobar
Tel: +966-555012463
Instagram: koreksa


  Jeddah City Sports Company
Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Muhammadiyah Dist., Jeddah

  Al Hilal Football Club
Location: Abi Hanifah, Al Uraija Al Wusta, Riyadh

Ettifaq Club
Location: Al Malek Saud Al Rifiee Rd., Al Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8570700
Instagram: ettifaq

Volleyball beach player is a male athlete getting ready to serve the volleyball at the beach.
Volleyball beach player is a male athlete getting ready to serve the volleyball at the beach.

→ Jeddah Athletes
Location: Basketball Academy An Naim District, Jeddah
Tel: +966-506677180

→ Green Basketball
Location: Ar Rafiah, Riyadh

→ Al Nahda Club
Location: Al Malek Fahd Rd., Al Khobar

→ Aerobic Exercises
→ Strength Training
→ Stretching
→ Balance Exercises
→ Meditation
→ Indoor Dance Session
→ Jumping Jacks

For some free basketball matches:

→ Basketball Ground
Location: Al Malqa Dist., Riyadh

→ Pinoy Basketball Court
Location: Al Khalidiyah Dist., Jeddah

Location: Sinayiat Alfawaziya Dist., Al Khobar

→ Waraq Basketball
Location: 2nd Industrial City., Dammam

→ Al Basateen Public Basketball Court
Location: Al Basateen Dist., Jeddah

Spelling Out your Ultimate Sunny To-Do List

Ffor Food Crawls

Suppose you’re looking to ball on a budget; in that case, you will love Saudi Arabia’s street and comfort food culture. Where, even with SR 50 in your wallet, you can have giant plates overflowing with food.

Start your breakfast with classics like Falafel, smashed falafel, fried eggplants, fries, and hummus rolled in flatbread that pairs the best with a piping hot cup of Karaak, a spiced tea a sip of which will wake you up.  Another classic is Foul, or Gulaba cooked fava beans, prepared quite differently with Tamez, a crusty flatbread.

For lunch, you can head to a classic Bhukari joint to enjoy a plateful of Rooz (rice), often prepared with carrots and raisins that come with rotisserie chicken. Mandi is another rice dish that can be paired with meat or chicken, a local favorite.  And for dinner, you can also get yourself a Shawarma paired with the classic favorite Mirinda Lemon or fresh juice.

When in Saudi make sure to try the local cult classic fried chicken joint Al Baik!

olives-253264_1280Gfor Green

If you want to visit a green space that allows you to relax under the shade of trees and be surrounded by stunning nature, here are some experiences to consider.

→ Zaitouna Farm
Location: Al Baha

→ Al Safi Dairy Farm
Location: Riyadh

→ Yazan Sustainable Farm
Location: Jeddah

→ Derity Farm Resort
Location: Buraidah

→ Al Jouf Olive Farm
Location: Al Jouf

→ Al Buainain Farm and Resort
Location: Jubail

mountains-5518787_1280Hfor Hiking

A summer hike is a great way to add a bit of movement to your day, but be careful and ensure that you avoid the hottest time of day. Typically, noon to 3 in the afternoon is the hottest period, so plan your hike earlier in the morning before the sun rises to avoid the hot temperatures.

Locations to hike at:

→ Wadi Disah
Location: Tabuk

→ Moon Valley
Location: Near Asfan, Jeddah

→ Wadi Lajab
Location: Jazan

→ Wadi Zee
Location: Al Bi’ar, Makkah

→ Jabal Sabha
Location: Sabha, Riyadh

joey-kwok-jbistd7rdd8-unsplashIfor Indoor

Let loose and have some fun at the indoor fun houses where you can be active and relaxed as you play, and be merry at these spots.

  • Arcade

Get your game on and enter the arcades, where you will be surrounded by neon lights, VR, classic games, and mini rides.
Here are some arcades you can enjoy:

→ Sala City
Location: Jeddah
Instagram: salacityksa

→ TekZone
Location: Red Sea Mall, Jeddah
Instagram: tekzoneme

→ Boost
Location: Ahmad Al Attas, Jeddah
Instagram: boostsaudi

  • Visit Snow City Riyadh

Nestled in Al Othaim Mall in Riyadh, Snow City’s indoor snow center makes it a crowd favorite, especially during summer. With internal temperatures
below 0 degrees, Snow City has various activities bound to excite adults and kids alike. Some activities include Skiing & Sledding on the snow and more.

Location: Al Othaim Mall, Riyadh
Instagram: snowcityme

  • Indoor Sports Stadium

Located in Serafi Mega Mall, the Indoor Stadium is the perfect playground for various sporting activities such as badminton, football, basketball, and volleyball, to name a few. So if you want to get your game on but not sweat it out in the heat, this place would be perfect for you. it happens to be next to a plethora of kids’ activities and fun.

Location: Serafi Mall, King Fahd Br Rd., Jeddah

  • Unleash your inner artist

Want to do something artistic? Here are some spots where you can have fun creating art pieces, whether it is pottery, painting, ceramincs, beadwork, and more.

→ Jeddah Rj Design
Location: Al Naeem, Jeddah
Instagram: Rjdesign.jeddah

→ Riyadh Al Shahla Portable Studio
Instagram: lets.paint.together

→ Khobar Canvash
Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Khobar

  • Play a round of Mini Golf

Next time you want to challenge your friends for a game or two, head to these super fun spots. So, get ready to Put-Put, and have a fun round or two of mini-golf, and may the fourth be with you. Here are some places to check out.

→ Groovy Golf, Jeddah
Instagram: groovygolf_sa

→ Jumpowlane, Riyadh
Instagram: jumpowlane

→ Juman, KAEC
Instagram: kaec.saudi


J – for Jetski

Hit the waters and zoom through the waves on a jet ski; one of the most fun activities you could do this summer, surrounded by the blue waters – East or the West Coast.

  • Rent a Jet Ski

→ Jet Ski Rental
Location: Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah
Tel: +966-544703809

→ Marine Club
Location: Al Aziziyah Dist., Al Khobar
Tel:  +966-582366424

→ Marina Aziziyah Boats
Location: Al Marsa, Yanbu
Tel:  +966-535712487

  • Best spots to jet ski

→ Dana Beach Resort
Location: Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar
Tel:  +966-13-8999900

→ Dolphin Beach Resort
Location: Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8999900

→ Yanbu Arac Resort
Location: Corniche Rd., Al Shati Dist., Yanbu
Tel: +966-14-3210888

→ Jeddah Yachts Marina
Location: Prince Abdullah AlFaisal St., Jeddah
Tel: +966-555693570


K – for Kids

The schools are out for the season, and summer can stifle parents looking for the perfect activity for their kids. Don’t fret; here are some activities you can explore.

→ Panda Cricket Stadium
Location: Al Safa, Jeddah
Tel: +966-583287677

→ Cricket Academy Riyadh
Location: Al Malaz Dist., Riyadh
Tel: +966-501206950

→ Al Jalees Kids Summer Camp
From July 16 to August 20
Instagram: jlbookclub

→ The Learning Zone
Instagram: thelearningzone


L – for Libraries

Get your summer reading on; here are some public libraries and book clubs that will act as the perfect hubs for bibliophiles to read cover to cover.


  • Reading nook’s in focus

→ Nady AlKitab Book Club, Riyadh
A small cozy indie library/coffee shop/reading nook, the more slashes you add, the more you can experience. The book club has local publications in-store with coffee and reading nooks.
PS: The space looks like it’s right out of Pinterest.

Instagram: book_club77

→ Tashkeel
Book Cafe, Riyadh. Tashkeel is a literary platform that provides various avenues to explore international and local books. With an e-commerce website selling their books, Tashkeel also has a cafe that is the perfect place to grab a copy and cozy up to read.

Instagram: tashkeel

→ Locals Jeddah
A cozy cafe where you can grab a book from their bookshelf in collaboration with Monochrome Books, a local book collector that refurbishes secondhand books and puts them on display. It’s a great way to give the book a second life while enjoying a cup.

Web: themonochromebookstore

  • Visit a Public Library

→ King Fahad Public Library, Jeddah
→ King Fahad National Library, Riyadh
→ Ithra Library, Dhahran


M – for Morning Adventure

The best time during summer is in the wee hours of the morning when the summer sun has gotten a hold of the day, so gear up and try these early day activities away from the summer heat.


  • Have a Cup of Joe Before the sun rises

→ Overdose
Instagram: overdosecoffeeksa

→ Muta’s cafe
Instagram: mutascafe

Instagram: kiaora

→ JOLT Cafe

→ Capri Cafe
Instagram: capricafe_sa

→ Gourmetcafe
Instagram: gourmetcafe0

  • Have breakfast at dawn

→ The Kind Ones
Location: Turki first, Hittin Dist., Riyadh
Tel: +966-555911647
Instagram: thekindonesksa

→ Mathaq Al Zaman
Location: Al Khalidiyah Dist. Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-6063939
Instagram: mathaqzaman

→ Ble
Location: Prince Musaid St., Al Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8813838
Instagram: ble.ksa

  • Running

Here are a few running communities for you to consider.

→ Jeddah Running Community

→ Riyadh Road Runners
Instagram: riyadhroadrunners

→ Khobar Running Crew
Instagram: khobarrunning

  • Head out on a solo run:

→ Jeddah
Location: Tahlia Walkway

→ Riyadh
Location: Garden and Walkway

→ AlKhobar
Location: Corniche Walk Beach

→ Abha
Location: Walkway Fountain

  • Go on a summer drive

Riyadh’s Olaya
Khobar’s King Khaled Street
Jeddah’s Corniche


N – for Night

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do during Summer is head out when the night falls and the sun has retreated for the day; although there are many ways you could spend your night, here are our fav.


  • Feel fancy

→ Le Relais de l’Entrecôte
Location: Palestine., AlHamraDist., Jeddah
Tel: +966-508884166
Instagram: lerelaisentrecote

→ Signor Sassi Riyadh
Location: As Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh
Tel: +966-920011877
Instagram: signorsassiriyadh

→ Mizo
Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd., Al Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8877444
Instagram: mizoeatery

  • Go go-karting

→ The Track
Location: Al Sawari, Jeddah

→ FunXtreme Go Karting
Location: Riyadh

→ Half Moon Beach
Location: Jabal Ajyad Rd., Dahiat Namar, Riyadh

→ Mahara Karting Track
Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Branch Rd., Al Basatin, Dammam

  • Host a summer bonfire

→ Moon Valley
Location: Asfan

→ Tuwaiq Mountains
Location: Riyadh

→ Half Moon Beach
Location: Al Khobar

O – for Outdoors

Head outdoors and enjoy these experiences this summer.

  • Theme parks
    Enjoy a ride or two where you can either sit on rides that twirl and go upside down or simple rides that move back and forth; whatever your level might be, they make for a great summer activity.
  • Skateboarding
    Skateboarding is a fun outdoor activity in Summer but be careful when you time your day out. Head out after sunset as the evening approaches to avoid the heat.

Where to skateboard:

→ Skatepark
Location: Thuwal
→ Community Skate Park
Location: Rabigh
→ Public Skate Park
Location:  Al Ameer Abdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz Rd., Yanbu
→ Riyadh Skate Park
Location:  Al Khalidiyah, Ad Diriyah


P – for Pet-friendly

Want to enjoy your time with your pets, or have spent some time with some furry friends, here are some places you could go and enjoy.

→ Cup and Cat Cafe
Location:  Anas Ibn Malik Rd., Riyadh
Instagram: cupandcatcafe

→ The Barking Lot
Location:  Specialist, Rahmaniyah, Riyadh Al Sahmiah Building, Al Khobar

→ DJ Kennels
Location: Al Andalus, Jeddah
Instagram: dj.kennels.Jeddah

→ Cat Lounge
Location: Ar Rawdah, Jeddah


Q – for Quiet

Looking for a quiet space to spend your summer? Here are some places to consider:

→ Hot Stone Spa Women
Location: Omar Al Tamimi, Riyadh
Instagram: hotstoneksa

→ Four Spa
Location: Al Aqiq, Riyadh
Instagram: 4spa

→ Lakhum artspace
Location: Al Urubah Branch Rd, Riyadh
Instagram: lakumartspace

→ Karama Yoga
Location: Mohammadiya, Jeddah
Instagram: karama_yoga

→ Pulse Studio
Location: U Shape Center, Jeddah
Instagram: plusestudiosksa

Room No. 7
Location: Rovan Tower, Jeddah
Instagram: room.no7

emil-widlund-b-gvgpudgtg-unsplashR – for Roller Coasters

→ Atallah Happy Land Theme Park
Location: Jeddah
Instagram: happylandatallah

→ Al Shallal Theme Park
Location: Jeddah
Instagram: shallalpark

→ Jungle Land Theme Park
Location: Jeddah
Instagram: junglelandthemepark

→ Loopagoon Water Park
Location: Dhahran
Instagram: loopagoonsa

Did you know?
The world’s largest and fastest roller coaster will be coming soon to the new Six Flags Qiddiyah, Riyadh opening in 2023.

Shikha Khayat

S – for Standup paddleboarding

With Saudi Surfing Association

Saudi Surfing Association is a sporting organization backed by the Saudi Olympic Committee and is affiliated with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and The Asian Surfing Federation.

One of the most exciting sports in Saudi Surfing is SUP (Stand-up Paddle Boarding) which is the most suitable on Saudi Arabia’s coastline.

The ideal location for SUP in Saudi Arabia is where there are flat water conditions to practice, which is in Jeddah. Mohammed Alshibel is one of the most talented coaches in Saudi Surfing. He stated that SUP is a straightforward water sport to learn, and you can become an expert paddleboarder in no time. According to him, people of all ages and fitness levels are capable of learning to paddle board in just a few hours with proper instructions.

Hassan Ajaj
Hassan Ajaj

Shikha Khayat and Hassan Ajaj are the first Saudi players to ever take part in the APP World Tour Race with the assistance of coach Mohammed Alshibel representing Saudi Arabia and Saudi surfing in Busan, Korea. They explained why Stand-up Paddle Boarding should be on your summer to-do list.

Shikha Khayat’s tip is to be a good swimmer because you never know what situation could occur while practicing water sports and be aware of the weather conditions and water temperature, so you have to prepare a suitable wetsuit, sunglasses, a hat that is made for water sports and a sunblock to avoid skin damage.

Hassan Ajaj’s tip for SUP is if a person wants to learn SUP and the steps of exercising this sport, you should always start with a flat water surface that doesn’t involve any waves to master the skill of balancing and paddling while standing up.


T – for Tours

Looking to head out on tour this summer,  so whether the mountains or the urban landscapes here are some packages for you.

→ Travel Packages on Alboraq:
Stay in Shaden Resort and have a three-day travel package through Go Zahid Travel agency that caters to the travel needs in Saudi.
Instagram: alboraqdmc

→ Travel package on Gozahid:
Stay in Shaden Resort and have a three-day travel package through Go Zahid Travel agency that caters to the travel needs in Saudi.
Instagram: gozahid

→ Adventurous tour packages by Pangaea tour:
Their recent campervan tour in Iceland (July 15- 22, 2022) is a must-try for adventurous people. Pangaea approves packages in and outside of Saudi.
Instagram: pangaeaclub

→ Saudi Nomad:
They organize low-budget backpacking trips around the world; you can check out their social media and website for upcoming trips
Instagram: saudinomad

→ Destifind agency:
Gives memorable tours and experiences that you can check through its website.
Instagram: destifind


U – for Underwater

Under the Sea

The Red Sea is famed for its life underneath the clear, warm, and salty aquatic waters. The oasis is fascinated with the vibrant and full-of-life coral reefs and the diversified undersea life. The ocean is flowing with an overwhelmingly great life that we do not get to see every day.


  • Best underwater spots

→ Water museum for diving
Location: Dhahran
Tel: +966-556522400

→ The Staphonos Wreck or Cable Wreck
Location: Northwest of Abu Tayr reef, Jeddah

  • Where to snorkel

→ Snorkeling lessons with Al-Haddad Scuba
Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St., Jeddah
Tel: +966-560207606

→ Tour with Hirat Dive Center
Location: Prince Naif Rd, Al Shera’a, Riyadh
Tel: +966-508157355


V – for Volunteering

Want to make the most of your summer by doing a good deed or two? Here are some Volunteering options that you can apply to.

→ Riyadh Shelter
Location: Haroon Al Rashid Rd., As Sulay, Riyadh
Instagram: riyadhshelter

→ Open Paws
Instagram: openpawsjeddah

→ Ithra Volunteering
Location: Ring Rd., Gharb Al Dhahran, Dhahran

→ The Joy of Youth House Renovation
Instagram: Joyofyouth

→ Saudi ADHD Society
Location: Eighth Floor, Office #4, Lilian Towers Jeddah
Location: Kendi Plaza, Diplomatic Quarters, Riyadh

download-1W – for Walking

  • Al Mamsha stroll

Al Mamsha culture enriches our lifestyle in Saudi; all through the cities of Saudi, you will encounter a Mamsha.

Yamamah Walkway, Jeddah
King Abdullah Walkway, Riyadh
Corniche Walk, Al Khobar

  • Walking along with the attractions

Attahlia Park, Jeddah
→ Obhur Park, Jeddah
→ King Abdullah Park, Riyadh
→ Suwaidi Park, Riyadh
→ Lake Park, Yanbu


X – for Standup X Factor

Are you looking to find your X-Factor and tap into your musical talents this summer?

  • Learn, experiment, and perform
    With KZN Lab

To give musicians the tools to start their harmonious musical journeys with advanced knowledge and creative music space, KNZ Records brings KNZ labs providing various musical opportunities via their programs and recording facilities. KNZ labs believe
in giving all their students an intimate learning experience to effectively achieve their set musical goals; their classes are small but consist of the latest music technology and are taught by the most experienced producers in the region. Their classes are housed at AlMashtal Creative Space, Riyadh.

→ Some of their courses
Electronic Music
Production DJ & Music
Performance Artist

  • To know more, visit:

Instagram: knzlab_

  • Some other classes to enhance your music skills are:

→ Learn to Play the Piano Professional Piano Classes
Location: Al Shumaisi Al Badiah Dist, Riyadh
Tel: +966-549347746

→ Sankabah for music lessons
Location: Al Arid Dist., Riyadh
Tel: +966-549347746

→ Guitar Lessons The Sol Music
Location: Ar Rawdah Dist, Jeddah

→ Music House
Location: Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Riyadh


Y – for Yacht

Feel the fresh summer breeze in your hair, take a yacht ride or boat through the deep blue sea; here are some locations you could book yourself a fun sea ride.

  • Rent a Yacht/Boat

→ BayLaSun Marina & Yacht Club
: Bayla Sun, King Abdullah Economic City
Tel: +966-544095240

→ Land and Space
Location: Al Aziziyah Dist., AL Khobar

→ Dream Divers
Location: Obhur Al Junoobiyah, Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-4209584

→ Jeddah Yacht Club
Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St., Jeddah
Tel: +966-555693570

→ Sea Master Boats
Location: Alharrah, Umluj
Tel: +966-508385858

→ Marsa Al Ahmedi
Location: Al Nuzhah, Yanbu
Tel: +966-502250995

→ Lover of the Beach
Location: Al-Nahdah, Yanbu
Tel: +966-554390100


  • Where to go boating


Z – for Zip lining

Looking for an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping activity this summer? If so, slide down a zip line to let loose, scream, and enjoy the wind in your hair.

  • Alula Zipline

→ BayLaSun Marina & Yacht Club
Location: AlUla

→ Al Baha Zipline
Location:  Raghadan Forest Par, Al Baha

→ Busat AlReeh Zipline
Location: Alhuda, Taif


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