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Siham Abdul: Painting The Town

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Siham Abdul started painting from a young age. Her passion soon spread to accessories and home design, which eventually had her lead architectural design work for residential and commercial projects.

Now she has developed her art into hand painted bespoke furniture items. You might come across many of them, as she occasionally is seen live painting at different venues such as Medd Café and Artikiya.


“I enjoy using a broad range of mediums and welcome all challenges. Oil paintings on wood items are my main elements for now, but I have worked with glass, porcelain and metal.”

Finishing Pieces

“I’m known to work very fast. Once I have a thought in my head, I usually don’t stop until I finish it. Off course it depends on the item and size.”

Future Ventures

“My vision is to create the most unique and surprising creativity that will add value to my community. I’m eager to spread the passion for art and creativity, especially among the young generation.”

She features a monthly segment “New Ideas” on MBC’s Sabah Alkhair Ya Arab.

Instagram: sihamabdul

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