Showcasing Local Talent

ART BY Sarah Hussein

Assila Hotel strives to be the first Art Hotel in the Kingdom.

Located on Jeddah’s Tahlia street, the luxurious and well-established Assila Hotel was designed to be the first Art Hotel in the Kingdom exhibiting Saudi artists’ work. Assila commits to this goal by advocating for the local art scene, with nearly 2,000 exclusive art pieces displayed around the hotel and about 860 books on Saudi culture. The goal is to create a museum of contemporary art within the halls of the esteemed building while encouraging Saudi’s talented youth to exhibit their work. Visitors can book a tour to view the many different artworks displayed in the hotel.

ART BY Sarah Hussein

ART BY Sarah Hussein

Assila does not only feature established local artists, they have also made room for up-and-comers to display their artwork. The hotel held its first Art Exhibition in August 2019, co-organized by Violet, with young Saudi artists exhibiting their best art pieces, from acrylic and oil paintings to mosaics pieces and digital prints. Many were heritage-inspired, while others focused on aesthetics and deeper meaning to their work, each unique in their own way and a proud representation of the art Saudi can offer.

Attendees of the prestigious event included a few of the Kingdom’s well-known artists, businessmen, influencers, government officials and even Hollywood producers. This exhibit opened doors for many young artists and truly showed how Assila is remaining true to their vision of creating opportunity for the local Saudi art scene.

Assila Hotel will be holding similar events in the coming weeks in order to cover every aspect of art Saudi has to offer.

Location:  Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St., Al Andalus Dist., Jeddah
Instagram: assilahotel

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