Shining for Others

In this world of super stars and super heroes our youth commonly search for inspiration amongst them, often copying their lifestyle. Most of the time, they regret it at a later age, as lost time is never retractable. We the Muslim Ummah need inspirational people all around our society in order to provide enlightened inspiration to our youth and offer a guiding light in these confusing times.

Here are a few ways we can become an inspiration for others:

  1. Be a good Muslim: Follow the Prophet Muhammad as he was the best of mankind, his behavior and all the things he did would surely make you a better human being and a good muslim.
  2. Stay Positive at all times: Even if people criticize you, absorb it and maintain patience. Constructive criticism is always helpful but don’t overdo it, so spread the positive vibes by being empathetic and show that you care.
  3. Provide inspiration with your thoughts and views: Always have views based on truths and facts and stand firm on them as indecisiveness often lures people away.
  4. Be Ambitious: Set some goals and try to achieve them, as this will inspire others to also establish a goal oriented routine striving for success.
  5. Present the best version of yourself: People will admire you if you walk, talk and also dress appropriately.

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