Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Say Yes to the Dress …Again!

Say Yes to the  Dress …Again!

Are you looking for some vintage clothes without having to spend too much?

From cheap finds at the local thrift shops, to rummaging through your parent’s closets, the answers are all around you. The vintage fashion trend made its way into international brands, and we can’t get a good old jacket without having to spend a fortune. But there are many ways one can acquire truly vintage pre-owned clothes for a fraction of the prices.

dsc_2699 Rummage  through your  mom’s  trunks; Why settle for fashion remakes if  you can get original editions.

Have you ever opened your parent’s or grandparent’s closets and found an abundance of clothes they used to wear back in the day? I have. Raiding our family’s closets can serve as a way to revive fashion styles that our generations have not experienced. It can preserve the previous generation’s styles and merge them with our modern fashion. Try switching your outfits with your parents or grandparents one day. You’d be surprised how interesting that can look.

destination_second-hands-clothes-copyBe the belle of the ball – Make sure you stand out wherever you are.

If you plan to go clothes shopping, consider passing through the different thrift shops available across the country. You can find many clothing gems that cannot be found anywhere else. Swift through their selection, and you might find some of your favorite brands. It’s like it time traveled for you to wear them. Mawakeb Al Ajer in Jeddah provides you with pre-owned items for you to buy at a cheaper price, while giving all the proceeds to different charities or people in need.

Mawakeb Al Ajer:
Location: Al Arabi, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah
Mob: 0126062433
Mob: 0552412167
Instagram: mawakebalajer
Facebook: secondhandshopjeddah

Haraj Ibn Qasim
Location: Al Mansuriyah Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

dsc_1662-copyGrandma’s  Jalabiyas? Give a fresh take on traditional frocks by giving it a boho spin.

Finally, another way one can benefit from pre-owned clothes is to upcycle them. Hasanat is a charity that re-purposes donated clothes and sells them while giving all the proceeds to charities supporting and empowering local women. The way it works is, Hasanat receives unwanted clothes from people, washes and sorts them, then re-purposes them while teaching volunteering women how to sew and make a living.

Location: Al Mohamadiyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Instagram: hasanat_charitybrand


A classic jacket you can get from dad too.

There are many things one can make fashion from. Whether it’s from thrift shops, your family’s closets, or charity organizations, don’t be afraid to try new things with your fashion styles. The next time you’re planning on going shopping, think of the alternatives first. You can find true clothing gems right in the depths of your storage closet.


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