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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Saudi Women Council Helping Business Grow

Saudi Women Council Helping Business Grow
By Sohila El Saadany

The Saudi Women Council facilitates the venture into the Kingdom’s business world and aspires to solve pressing work issues.

Saudi Women Council was established in January and aims at finding solutions to business issues in the Kingdom. It also assists in supplying young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to develop their businesses. The council encourages small and medium business endeavors and supports women who work from home as well.

Louai and Mona, Founders of Lomar

Saudi Women Council, headed by AlAnoud Al Ramah, is under the umbrella of Prince Sultan’s Fund for Women’s Development, which is part of Prince Mohammad bin Fahd’s projects. In order to achieve the council’s goals, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd provided it with a million riyals while Saoud bin Fahd did the same with half a million riyals.



During the visit to Flat 6 Lab.

The council enjoyed an eventful two-day visit to Jeddah. On their first day they convened for a meeting at Maria Mahdaly’s office, Rumman Co. Mahdaly is the president of the Saudi Women Council’s Jeddah region. The council members then headed to The Courtyard for lunch and visited Flat 6 Lab after that. They then visited Abazeer, Ahazeej and some home based businesses. The next day, they proceeded to Al Rawdah Showroom where they met the founders of Lomar. They also met with Sulafa Batarji, CEO of Doroob Al Barak.


The council women at A&A boutique.

During the council’s visit to Jeddah, Al Rammah shared her insight about their goals. She said, “The council consists of 50 members from the main regions of the Kingdom such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, the Eastern Province and a lot of other locations. Our main goal is to achieve what’s best for young businesswomen and men. We try to resolve the obstacles they face and present our solutions to the people in charge.”


Sulafa Batarji, CEO of Doroob Al Baraka

She continued, “Among our objectives is activating a higher body specialized in small to medium projects. We discussed that with the minister of commerce as we are in need of an institution that is under his leadership and is solely for those projects. Hopefully, we will hear good news about that soon.”



Al Rammah explained that the council has four major programs:

Hulool (Solutions):
It is mainly concerned with meeting the specialized entities to discuss obstacles female entrepreneurs face and come up with solutions for them. It aims at improving the status of small to medium projects.

Wesal (Connections):
This program works at connecting female entrepreneurs from all over the Kingdom together. It also sets up meetings between entrepreneurs and institutions that would help them in their fields.

Nemow (Growth):
Nemow is responsible for nurturing talents and enriching interpersonal skills. It assembles workshops and arranges meetings with guests so participants can benefit as much as possible from different experiences.

Rawabet (Bonds):
The program arranges partnerships with specialized institutions, universities and other establishments that will open pathways for cooperation and improve business relationships.

Even though the council has only recently been inaugurated, it has already started with its plan to help those working from home. Al Rammah assured, “We have presented a study about business from home to the minister of commerce. We have founded this study after examining different mechanisms from various countries in the Gulf and the West. We are striving to implement the structures that would facilitate work opportunities from home here in the Kingdom.”


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