Saudi Streetwear

I always aim to be creative by investing my time in art and fashion. - @Zombiekhalid

The evolution of cultural expression through fashion.


I’m very passionate about streetwear, the design theory is what captivates me rather than the trends. – @byhayaabdullah

Streetwear is synonymous with individuality. Emerging from the punk DIY scene, skate culture, and hip-hop, the fashion sense has quickly morphed into an overarching umbrella term referring to clothes emerging not from a particular studio or designer, but urban settings and sensibilities.


Through streetwear, I aim to combine a mixture of classic and vintage style. – @khalidx.0

Saudi Arabia is not exempt from this worldwide trend. Though our traditional clothing has reigned supreme in the public, our fondness for individualism is only getting stronger. While the culture of streetwear may have Western origins, the entire world has in one way or another jumped on the bandwagon, mainly because it is personal, subjective, exploratory, and experimental.


My favorite parT of street style is gearing up for photoshoots with different photographers and finding new ways to express myself. – @ma.jed.9

Urban-wear in the Kingdom has a mixture of global sentiment and the aesthetics of the encompassing geography. Styling – and the accompanying photography – is intentionally crafted to suit the colors, textures, and even shapes of its surroundings. That’s step one.


My style is an expression of the role I play as one of the only females rapping in Saudi Arabia, of paving my own path in the urban hip hop scene, and of telling fearless tales in the face of change.” – @theycallmejara

Next comes the local fashion industry, changing to meet these new demands by the people for trendy clothing that resonates with their worldview – an often forgotten element of fashion’s power and influence in society.


Expressing myself through street style is important to me and allows me to be myself fully. – @__aits__

With countless local Saudi brands emerging, the country has truly begun to shape its own style, drawing in international eyes and inspiring nations near and far with innovative stylish trends and look.

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