Saudi Homegrown Brand, Aura, Supports Local Talent in Celebration of the Kingdom’s 91st National Day

In celebration of the nation’s 91st National Day, Saudi homegrown furniture brand, aura, pledges its support to local artistic talent in the Kingdom.

From and for the Middle East, aura has collaborated with the talented Saudi artist Mawada Muhtasib, as well as contemporary art gallery L’Art Pur, to showcase their unique art pieces at the brand’s stores in Red Sea Mall, Jeddah and Panorama Mall, Riyadh respectively.

A progressive Saudi artist, Mawada Muhtasib is recognised for her distinguished paintings that utilize a ‘Calligraffiti’ typeface that she personally designs. This decorative, contemporary, and handwritten typeface is exclusively and exceptionally written from left to right. It is a celebration that merges two eras; the legacy of Arabic Calligraphy and the progressiveness of Graffiti Art. The mirrored letters of the unique ‘Calligraffiti’ are not necessarily readable to the observer but rather showcases the beauty of the strokes. This precisely serves the ideology of her art. A selection of 8 art pieces will be available to purchase at aura’s store in Red Sea Mall, Jeddah.


Being one of the first contemporary art galleries in Saudi Arabia, L’Art Pur Gallery has sponsored and showcased Saudi and international artists since its inception. Famously known as one of the largest art galleries in the Middle East, the art gallery houses exceptional art pieces of master artists such as Joan Miró, Victor Vasarely and Sam Francis among other talented local artists from the region. A range of 13 art pieces from L’Art Pur will be showcased and available for purchase at aura’s store in Panorama Mall, Riyadh.

When talking about the collaboration, artist Mawadah Muhtasib highlighted the abundance of unique artistic talents in the Kingdom, and the importance of continuously supporting thriving creatives that are a crucial part of the nation’s development.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with an inspiring homegrown brand such as aura. Through this collaboration, we are honoured to shed the light on the upcoming talent in the Kingdom, thus reinforcing its presence on the world’s cultural map and proudly witnessing its outstanding prosperity,” said Mawadah.

Having in the past partnered with many renowned publications, Saudi Design Week and developed an exclusive collection with Jean Paul Gaultier, aura has established itself as more than merely a “home brand”, incorporating fashion and art to revolutionise the home furnishing industry.

Eccentric art pieces by Mawadah Muhtasib and L’Art Pur are available to shop at aura’s store in Red Sea Mall, Jeddah and Panorama Mall, Riyadh for a period of one month.

Instagram: auraliving.

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