Saudi Designer Nasiba Hafiz: Frocks that Rock for SS 2016

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ROCK N’BIBA Spring Summer 2016 Collection Preview

See the collection, meet the designer and almost instantly you’ll find the connection. That’s how I felt the moment the models strutted in to the music during her big unveil at Fashion Forward. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nasiba in Riyadh a couple of months ago, and her bubbly personality and charmful flair stuck with me all the way to Dubai. Hence, when I saw her collection for the first time, my thought was, “Oh wow, this is definitely Nasiba.”

A homegrown Jeddahwi, Nasiba Hafiz started her label in 2012, focusing mostly on contemporary casual wear. Rock N’ Biba, the designer’s latest SS16 collection had the signature playfulness of the label, filled with whimsical panache. While at the same time, it stands out, because of how Nasiba ups her ante in using fabrics and detail oriented textile elements.

The use of leather and the vintage verve in Rock N’Biba gives the explanation for the inspiration of the collection— Rock and Roll and Jim Morrison. Indeed, I found myself imagining a Woodstock footage as a backdrop for this presentation.

Instead however, we find big eye prints staring back at you, as you watched the show. This (eye) itself being a constant element on most of the designs. Fun is a keyword for this collection, it takes your imagination to a trip down memory lane (whether or not you were born in the era of Rock N’Roll).

Nasiba is a designer whose well of inspiration doesn’t look like it’ll dry up anytime soon, in fact, it’s bound to overflow. Her label is an extension of her memories and influences she holds close (her mom, who she is named after, is one of her muses). This is a brand that doesn’t want you to think it’s cool and eccentric— it just is.

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