SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association Brings Laughter to Children in Partnership with La Vache Qui Rit

Saudi-based non-profit SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association has partnered with La Vache qui rit, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary, to bring laughter to those who need it most.

SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association provides services to children with tumors in all regions of the Kingdom, supports children’s centres with the medical equipment they need, and provides social, residential, educational and recreational services for patients and their families – citizens and residents – in need. In addition, the center also focuses on funding research and studies in the field of childhood cancer.

Running for one month starting 15 February, La Vache qui rit has introduced a dedicated web-application where consumers can register and “laugh to donate”. By showcasing the uniqueness and power of each person’s laughter, for every laugh recorded, La Vache qui rit will turn this into a monetary donation towards the SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association.

A simple click on is all that is required to record their laughter through the device’s microphone, each laugh recorded will boost contributions toward children in need. Donations generated through the online platform will be utilized towards the Association’s Make a Wish programme. This programme focuses on making children’s wishes come true; ranging from toys such as blocks and puzzles, to gadgets such as gaming consoles and smartphones, to large scale activities such as a curated personalized art gallery.

“We believe that our partnership with La Vache qui rit for the Golden February campaign and supporting children with cancer is a noble cause, and we proudly celebrate it this year with International Children Cancer Day. This monetary contribution will be towards “Make a wish” program that fulfills children’s wishes. We believe that making their wishes come true during the difficult times they are going through, will help improve their lives and maintain their psychological balance during intensive treatments. This year’s slogan “Gold at heart”, is for all the pure hearts who are willing to contribute to our fruitful journey, said Reem Alhegelan, General Manager, Sanad.

“We are joining forces with SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association on our 100-year anniversary to make a difference in the lives of young children diagnosed with cancer. At La Vache qui rit, we believe that laughter is our most precious gift and our core mission is to inspire people to choose to laugh at life and garner the strength to face life’s difficulties every day. We want to give the Saudi community an opportunity to transform their laughter, or the laughter of their loved ones, into a good deed that can help those in need of optimism. La Vache qui rit has been in the homes of Saudi families for a very long time, and it is of utmost importance to us to ensure a healthier happier society for generations to come”, said Garo Matossian, General Manager, Bel Group Middle East.

La Vache qui rit was born in 1921, marking a revolution for consumers. For more than 100 years, La Vache qui rit has been bringing cheer and goodness to the world. From the very beginning, their mission has been to add happiness to people’s daily lives and to spread joy.

Present in 136 countries, the Bel Group’s founding brand has always been connected with the local markets and concerned with giving back to its communities. Over time La Vache qui rit has become a virtual icon, and a pioneer brand who invented the triangle portion for the first time across the globe. For more information please visit

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