Ruining Your Life Has Never Been So Much Fun, Adam Ruins Everything Season 1; A quick review

How do I keep my hair standing like that you ask? Gel, lots and lots of gel.

We all have that friend who just loves spoiling movies for us. No matter how many times we scream and shout “SPOILERS”, his or her personal joy emanating from having ruined something for you is just too much to pass up. Enter “Adam Ruins Everything”; this show doesn’t ruin movies for you, but ruins everything you perceive about life in general, causing you to, yes, maybe scream expletives at the screen, but also come out of the episode having learnt something new and informative.

The premise of the show is simple. Adam Conover, who had previously worked at as both a writer and an actor, invades the life of regular citizens informing them that everything they thought about a certain topic was in fact, horribly wrong. Through the course of the season he deals with and discusses things like charity, airport security, hygiene, nutrition and even the notion of death itself. In the first episode for instance, he breaks the spirit of a man trying to buy an engagement ring for his fiancée by telling him how it’s all one big scam dating back dozens of years ago. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Ahmed, I don’t want to hear someone argue facts all day long. I prefer living in eternal ignorance.”

Not true. After the first episode I guarantee you will be hooked. His approach to dealing with the situations are always funny, maybe not hilarious, but chuckle-worthy in the least. The show is ridiculously informative. As he says in his show, he likes to show his work, so throughout the episode, any studies or papers he might discuss pop up on the screen with links for further reading in case you want to be even more annoying.

There is an element of continuity to the show as well, as the characters Adam tends to annoy are recurring and some callbacks are made to previous episodes. This doesn’t make it necessary at all to watch them in order though, which in this day and age, is a blessing. It just adds to the element satisfying the inner geek in people that watch the show regularly.

Summarizing, Adam Ruins Everything is a great and informative show, educating the masses with humorous factual quips rather than dull and dreary information dumps on the viewer. It helps that Adam has great delivery and truly shines as that annoying friend you have that always makes you feel like a worthless human being. The only difference here is that Adam isn’t going to ruin the new Star Wars movie for you, which by the way, you all need to see, like now.

Go to Bahrain…Watch it…Now.

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