Riyadh Launches the Saudi International Exhibition for E-Marketing and E-Commerce

The exhibition will support the launch of Saudi companies in electronic commerce.

Under the sponsor of the Riyadh Chamber, the Saudi capital starts the activities of the Saudi International Exhibition for Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce SIDMC 2022, under the slogan “Meeting the Future of Commerce”, on January 10th, for a period of 3 days, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition targets all e-marketing companies and information technology companies that are interested in e-marketing and e-commerce, logistical support companies, local and international companies specialized in electronic payment, in addition to entrepreneurs in this field. Moreover, free sessions, courses, and workshops will be held with certificates of attendance presented by the exhibition management, presented by a group of specialists, and a number of success stories for a number of entrepreneurs, organized by the Digital Vision Company for Exhibitions and Conferences.whatsapp-image-2022-01-05-at-3-00-13-pm

The CEO of the exhibition, Salah Al-Otaibi, explained that the exhibition will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to enter e-commerce, as it embraces an elite group of speakers to present the latest recent achievements in e-marketing and e-commerce, with emerging applications for a group of entrepreneurs looking for financiers, partners or investors for their electronic applications.

The exhibition also targets all entrepreneurs and marketers, and for those who own electronic stores, as well as for those who want to see the latest developments in e-commerce.

Al-Otaibi called for downloading the SIDMC application for registration in the exhibition, workshops, and attendance at exhibition sessions. Through your participation, the exhibition aims to spread the culture of marketing and e-commerce, in line with the directions and ambitions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in addition to spreading awareness of how to build websites, platforms and electronic applications in the field of marketing and e-commerce, and keep pace with the global growth in e-commerce.

Most of the government sectors and relevant bodies, as well as most major and emerging international and local electronic companies, logistical support and transportation companies, and the most prominent participants are Saudi Post, Al Rajhi Bank, DHL, Makani, B-Mart, Seer App, Top Line and Thameen.

For more information, visit the exhibition website www.sidmc-sa.com

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