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Riyadh Front Kicks Off ‘Fashion Front’, Supports Saudi Talents in Fashion World

Riyadh Front Kicks Off ‘Fashion Front’, Supports Saudi Talents in Fashion World

 AlMuhsin Hamidaddin “Riyadh Front organizes festivals and events in order to enhance opportunities for its existing brands all year round”

• Riyadh Front have revitalized entertainment and shopping in Saudi Arabia
• Riyadh Front supports Saudi fashion designers and beauty experts under the Fashion Front initiative

“Riyadh Front”, the city’s leading lifestyle destination, has launched its “Fashion Front” event, a three-week fiesta brimming with fashion and beauty activities, in participation with some of the fashion world’s most prominent international brands and in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s young fashion icons, designers, brand owners, and fashion and beauty enthusiasts.


Aiming to activate and revitalize the shopping experience through showcasing the latest local and international fashion lines and introducing “Riyadh Front’ visitors to the creations of Saudi talents, “Fashion Front” became one of the most talked-about events of the New Year.


The exhibition’s pavilion and show stands’ show-stopping designs were an instant hit, creating an immersive experience for visitors, and allowing them to move easily between the pavilions as they explored an array of beautiful modern and diverse fashion lines suitable for all ages and styles. The event helped introduce visitors to the most distinguished fashion brands, learn about the key fashion shows of the New Year, and receive training courses with female Saudi beauty experts.

photo-2022-01-17-21-25-55AlMuhsin Hamidaddin the Marketing Director of “Kaden Investment” Riyadh Front’s Property Manager Company says: “Riyadh Front” aims to create a unique and innovative shopping and entertainment experience that meets the requirements of Riyadh Front’s visitors, and adheres to the tastes of the Saudi family and the Saudi youth by launching extraordinary initiatives and events. Becoming one of the city’s shopping destinations with an exceptional array of international fashion brands, it only made sense that we launch the “Fashion Front” event at “Riyadh Front”, to create a renewed fashion experience that attracts fashion and shopping enthusiasts.

photo-2022-01-17-21-25-57-3The Saudi international designer Waad Al Ketheiri said: “Our participation in the “Fashion Front” event has enabled us to meet with our audience and introduce our products directly to them. It gave us the chance to exchange ideas and to learn what our consumers’ preferences really are. On this occasion, we assure our beloved audience that our designs will continue to have a patriotic and modern touch to them, as they are inspired by KSA’s culture, a culture that we have had the opportunity to showcase at various international forums and events and which was received with much respect, especially in Paris, the world’s fashion capital.”


“Riyadh Front” project, with its unique idea of combining work, shopping, and entertainment, is one of the city’s biggest projects within the economic and touristic movement of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. “Kaden Investment” developed the “Riyadh Front” project on an area over 400,000 m2,  extending over 2 km northeast of Riyadh, near the King Khalid International Airport. It includes different vital facilities that investors, businessmen, and families from different social classes seek including markets, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


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