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Rihanna x Dior: Fashion Bore or Fashion Score?

2 Minutes Read | August 14, 2016

Rihanna x Dior: Fashion Bore or Fashion Score?

Nowadays, it seems that fashion brands and artists are one brilliant, creative and collaborative team. Collaborations include Kanye West and Adidas, Beyoncé and Topshop, Rihanna and Puma and now Rihanna and Dior.

Rihanna being the badgalriri that she is, decided to start a sunglasses line with Dior. They are definitely different, creative and scream her and her look.

She is known for her great style, one that is always copped and impersonated. With these glasses, one awaits the storm of duplicated looks that will fill our sunny days.

The sunglasses are around 840 dollars a pair… So I guess we should start saving from now. Or, those of us with a budget might want to admire the glasses from afar and wait until they are old news so we can cop them then (#OneDay).t-rihanna-dior-glasses

The glasses are pretty chic and they are a fashion statement. Alongside her 840 dollar pair of sunglasses, Rihanna x Dior have a 24-karat-gold pair of sunglasses for about 1,950 dollars. The pricing is pretty intense but understandable because of how huge and respected both Dior and Rihanna are in the art world.


The sunglasses are exclusively sold in Dior stores and debuted June of this year. As to whether the glasses are a bore or a score, the sales and numbers can speak for its demand and popularity. At the end of the day, the power of its success or failure lies with the people.


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