Reviving Old Professions: Mohammed Saad


Based in Makkah  but works in Jeddah, Mohammed Saad’s day starts with a daily one-hour drive to his work in Angawi house. Over time, he began taking advantage of this drive by listening to different podcasts about his work or interests.

Mohammed has been a woodworker since his early days. He learned the handcrafting skill from his brother and applied it to wood. He combined calligraphy and woodworking for his first-ever project, and the smell of timber got imprinted on him ever since.

When his shift is done, Mohammed heads back home to continue working in his home workstation, experimenting and learning more about wood. He buys his wood almost weekly from Hiraj Al Khashab, where he handpicks the timber himself. He learned to identify the different characteristics of woodby mere sight. Just one look and he can know everything needed.

Intricately hand crafted wooden spoon by Mohammed Saad

Intricately hand crafted wooden spoon by Mohammed Saad

When Mohammed is not working with wood, he is exploring the diverse Makkah desert. From mountains to valleys, Mohammed appreciates the different landscapes merged in one city. He proudly spends most of his day working with wood or thinking of wood, achieving the peace of mind he desired when he first started working with such a fine and delicate element.

Desert road in remote rural area of Tabuk in north western Saudi Arabia

Desert road in remote rural area of Tabuk in north western Saudi Arabia

Three Happy Places

Angawi House
Being his workplace, Mohammed views it as a place to explore his creativity and learn from the masters as much as he could.

Hiraj Al Khashab
Mohammed has a routine trip to the Hiraj to purchase the raw material. He carefully chooses the best wood to take back to his station. (He spends a good amount of time selecting the best of the best).

Makkah’s Desert
Makkah’s desert, one of the most diverse topographies in the Kingdom, offers a variety of experiences. You can visit mountains, caves, valleys, and sandy deserts all at once.

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