Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ready For The Sun?

Ready For The Sun?
By Zareen Muzaffar

Are you overexposed or underexposed to the sun?


Which sunscreen to choose?
Some of the best are available at Boots Pharmacy and Al Nahdi Pharmacy.


What happens if you don’t get enough sun?
• Osteoporosis
• Cancer
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Possibility of rickets
• Muscle weakness
• Aches/ pains/ fractures


4No 7
Protect and Perfect Intense facial sunscreen protection gives your skin the advanced protection and guards your skin against premature aging that can develop due to lengthy exposure to the skin.

 The range includes SPF 15 and 30. No 7 also has Facial Recovery Aftersun, a cooling and moisturizing balm that helps skin recover. 

2La Roche Posay

This brand carries a variety of lightweight sunscreen lotions, such as Anthelios 60, which is fast absorbing and leaves a matte finish instead of giving your skin the oily look. It’s water resistant with an ultra-light texture.

55Bioderma Photoderm Max

Bioderma Photoderm Max comes in 100 SPF; very high protection for sensitive skin and it’s also water resistant.


Vichy carries sunscreen range for sensitive skin. The Capital Soleil collection is a mattifying face fluid. The texture is classic cream but lightweight and comes in SPF 50 protection.


Soltan sunscreen creams and lotions are available at Boots Pharmacy with a collection for face and body for adults and a separate line for children.

8Other good sunscreen brands available at Boots Pharmacy (for both face and body) include:
1 Banana Boat
2 Lierac
3 Ocean Potion
4 Nivea Sun
5 Soskin
6 Coppertone

7BB Creams with SPF

For those who are looking for a quick solution, BB cream is the best option as it packs all-powerful ingredients required for a flawless look.

BB Creams come with SPF and some of the good ones include:

 Do you need a moisturizer?
Those with oily skin should opt for water-based creams. There are cream based sunscreens available that are suitable for dry skin. With cream based sunscreens you don’t need to apply moisturizer before applying sunscreen. 






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