Ramadan – The Key to the Ummah’s Unity

“When the holy month of Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of (Hell) Fire are closed and the devils are chained.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)(Bukhari).

Ramadan is a special time for the Muslim ummah. It is a chance for spiritual reflection, prayer, good deeds and aiming to become better versions of ourselves. There’s this motivation to make a distinct effort in everything, which is the highlight of the entire month. Fasting serves as a reminder of what it must be like for the less fortunate for whom going without food or water is not a choice. This reminder brings us together, motivates us to be more charitable, and helps us improve our taqwa and relationship with Allah. Keeping this foundation in mind, the entire concept of Ramadan is oriented towards patience, empathy and understanding, which leads to being grateful and generous.

This empathy, patience and generosity are what make Ramadan stand out in Saudi Arabia. It is an inspirational unified spirit like no other and the reason most people prefer spending Ramadan here. It draws everyone in.

Every act is focused towards some sort of goodness; it may be handing out iftar goody bags on the street near Maghrib time, sending food to neighbors, or even helping someone find a spot to pray in the masjid. If you were to step foot in any masjid in the city, you’d find an entire row of food from the neighborhood for anyone willing to open their fast. Even the timings of work, markets and basically everything are shifted for the convenience of everyone to be able to focus on their spiritual journey, and this is a unique attribute to Ramadan in the kingdom. The compassion is inspiring, the people are patient, and the essence is positive. You can truly tell that Allah has blessed this month with an opportunity we should not take for granted.

All of this is therefore the key to unity in our ummah, regardless of race, country or social status. Showcasing this essence throughout the year is how we can achieve true prosperity.

We, the Destination Team, hope you all have an inspirational Ramadan, and aim to continue the positive habits you develop in this month, and to all those who are spending it here: you shall have no regrets.

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