Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ramadan Decorations DIY Lanterns In Jeddah

Ramadan Decorations DIY Lanterns In Jeddah

It often becomes redundant decorating for Ramadan. You go to Soug Alshate and pile on the red Hejazi print in its many forms, add a few old lanterns from storage, and accept your effort. Well, how about something new for a change? Turn Ramadan decorating into a family affair, and create a bonding experience by making them from scratch.

The most prominent item to decorate with is fawanees, lanterns; they light each household for the duration of The Holy Month, so why not make them from scratch?

You need:

Islamic pattern lanterns:

  1. Start with washing and drying your mason jars and drying them making sure there’s no residue left, otherwise the paint won’t settle well.IMG_0019

  2. Pick your design, print it, and line it on the inside securing it with masking tape.IMG_0024

  3. Grab your glass liners (test them first on paper getting comfortable with its use) trace your design, and let it dry.

Advice: start with settling the nozzle onto the starting point, push out the product steadily, pull up and let the product string with a consistent stream then settle back down at finish point.IMG_0029

  1. Fill in your design with paint, alternate with colors of choice, and let it dry.

Hinna lanterns:

Wire Hangers:IMG_0031

You will need to assemble two pieces of wire, one to go around the rim in the tightest part, and one to hang from the hooks to the rim piece.

  1. Grab the wire and mold it around the tightest area of the jar neck, go half way then loop it using the round nose pliers (make sure loop is big enough to fit the wire through).

  2. Continue closing the circle again, cut the wire 2 cm away from the closing circle and loop it again around each other creating another closed circle.

  3. Measure the handle to your liking, and cut them separate.

  4. Loop the both ends with pliers without closing the circle.

  5. Let the handle ends through the rim loops you made then close them, and make sure they are secure by tugging gently at them.

  6. Hole them from the handle to make sure they support the weight.

  7. Lastly, ease the candle in and light it up carefully to enjoy them.


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