Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Quit Smoking Beyond Ramadan

Quit Smoking Beyond Ramadan

Quitting cigarettes is not an easy feat. But with the right precautions and support, you can stay smokefree for the rest of your life.

1. Smokefree hangouts

Most public places around the world have smoking bans due to health concerns. Take this a step further and consciously plan your weekend hangouts to ensure you enjoy at places where there is no chance of people smoking. Luckily, most indoor cafes and restaurants of Jeddah have no smoking rules.

2.  Support group

Establish a support group of people a handful of people who are interested in staying away from smoking. Discuss your progress and help each other when the struggle is real.

3.  Avoid ‘Smoking Drinks’

If you had the habit of smoking with tea or coffee, then avoid those drinks for at least 3 months. Drinking them will make your crave a smoke.

4. Yoga

Take up yoga early in the morning to improve your breaking and lungs. Do deep breathing exercises in fresh air on a regular basis too.

5. Remind yourself

Remind yourself that the urge to smoke will lessen with time. Keep your goal in mind.

6. Eat frequently

Instead of a 2 large meals every day, opt for small meals every 3-4 hours. Being full and having constant energy will stave off your cravings.

7. Save your money

You know your cigarette spending habits. Save the money you would have spent in a jar on a daily or weekly basis to encourage you to stay smokefree.

8. Avoid the wrong people

You know the people who tell you it’s impossible to quit? Avoid them and anyone else who tells you will go back to smoking. You don’t need such negativity in your life.

9. Celebrate your progress

Every time you reach a milestone, whether it’s a week, ten days, a month or even 3 months, go for a dinner with your loved ones or support group.

10. Be open

Embrace your struggle and talk about it openly. It’s something to be proud of and you might even encourage others to quit and follow your lead.

Are your smokefree? Tell us about the best moments of your progress!


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