Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits

Danni Rosa on ‘Sea’ ing Differen.

I have a vision that through Blue Limits, I will be able to support shaping the 2030 vision of tourism, making KSA one of the leading attractions in resorts and hospitality.

Since its establishment in 2007, Blue Limits have changed the landscape of tourism, particularly on the coast, both figuratively and literally. Founded by Danni Rosa, the marine construction and hospitality company has been pushing the envelope, creating the standards for the sector and setting them higher with every project.c0477ecc-3332-4384-9e96-1dedd881af1a

After completing his studies at Southern Illinois University, Danni had the opportunity to work in Thailand, where he would learn immensely about marine development. It enabled him to found and invest in Blue Limits. The company went into the hospitality and tourism industry before its recent boom, investing in what they saw as the future– and the potential of what is; the unbridled wonders and beauty of Saudi.

Many of the properties developed by Danni are entirely influenced by its proximity to the Sea—and by his cultural roots and international travels. He builds worlds on sandy beaches, bridging global standards of luxury hospitality with the natural beauty of his surroundings.15043957_1797968187149534_7200633570778415104_n

As Danni shares, “Oia has a Greek-like feeling with its blue and white colors; it has been designed to transport visitors from the moment they set foot inside. Oia is not a typical Saudi resort; it’s where you can find the freedom to practice your lifestyle within boutique facilities in total tranquility.”

With Oia, Blue Limits has created a complete experience where you wake up to the sound of the waves in a villa that feels like an architectural sanctuary– and to top it off, they bring you a culinary adventure, with In-house the Thai Gallery.”

Pushing the Limits

An equally popular resort established by Blue Limits is Boho the Beach, a sought-after destination for carefree weekends and pampered seaside holidays. It delivers on its name’s connotation, and in Danni’s own words, “Boho is where freedom, peace, and happiness are in abundance.” Like Oia, it houses Kaktos by Boho, a gastronomical marvel in the city that shows Blue Limits’ ability to create winning concepts across the board.

Having been an active part of the Saudi Hospitality and Tourism industries long before these sectors’ recent boom, he recognized that the opportunity of expanding entrepreneurial horizons in Saudi Arabia is exponential.


With Blue Limits, Danni is building an ecosystem that stems from promoting the country’s beauty to all visiting; he adds, “As a foreigner, you can get anywhere if you have a vision and read the market. It amazes me that Saudi Arabia is becoming a hub for business, supporting foreign investments and making daily business operations smoother.”

Danni adds “I have a vision that through Blue Limits, I will be able to support in shaping the 2030 vision of tourism, making KSA one of the leading attractions in resorts and hospitality.” But that’s not all from Blue Limits; the horizon is far-reaching and definitely bright; with significant projects in the works such as Oia Downtown Jeddah, Casagaia luxury villas, and Malath beach resort, to name a few.


Under the watchful eye of Danni, Blue Limits aim to develop diverse locally treasured architectural concepts that leave a mark on the country’s ever-evolving tourism and hospitality landscape.

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