Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Protecting yourself From the Unseen

Protecting yourself From the Unseen
There are always these scary stories going around, especially this time of year. But if we just remembered that we could protect our selves from harms way, the stories wont be as scary as they seem.

The way to protect yourself from Jinn is simply by following the Quran & Sunnah.

  • Drink and eat with your right hand as the Shaitan eats with his left, because he wants to disobey Allah.
  • Say Bismillah before you do anything, guaranteeing that you are protected.
  • Say “I seek refuge in Allah from the Shaitan”.
  • Read Quran. There are certain surahs specified for protection such as, Surah AlFalaq, Surah AlNas, Surah AlBaqarah, Ayat AlKursi, Surah AlFatihah, last 3 ayahs of Surah AlBaqarah.
  • Read Dua upon entering and leaving the bathroom.
  • Say “I seek refuge in Allah from the Shaitan” after a nightmare.
  • Read Dua upon leaving and entering your home.
  • Read the Athan.
  • Close your door and say Bismillah before going to sleep. Jinn can’t go through.
  • Cover up your food and say Bismillah so the Jinn don’t mess with your food.
  • Make sure your kids are indoors during Maghreb time, which is when the Jinn are out to play.
  • Go to a specialist (Raaqy)… not a magician. A lot of time magicians pretend to be helping you with the word of Allah but in fact are doing magic as well.
  • A magician will cure you with the application of magic, which will intensify the magic that is already done on you.
  • If the specialist asks you to do weird things, such as; asks for your mothers name, items of clothing or gives you a paper with numbers and symbols on it, then he is a magician and not a real Specialist.
  • An authentic specialist will only use the way of Allah and only Quran to cure you.
  • Get to the item of magic (Sihr) and destroy it. (This isn’t necessary as Allah cured our prophet without the need of finding the item.)
Did You Know?
Numerology, symbols and boxes are a form of communicating with Jinn.


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