Prepare To Witness History In The Making In Jeddah

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We spoke to Mounib Hammoud, CEO of Jeddah Economic Company, for a status update of the Kingdom Tower.

Kingdom Tower is H.R.H Al Waleed Bin Talal’s brainchild. Designing and constructing the world’s tallest building is an unprecedented task. Such an endeavor requires an open mind in search of the optimal solution for every challenge, even if it means going beyond the proven and accepted methods, processes or technologies. It also depends on the ambitious and supportive clients as well as the efficient contractors, architects and consultants.

Our mission will establish the city of Jeddah as a functional equal on the international scene of great modern urbanization, alongside the best new cities of the region and the world.

The project that will be established on 5.3 million square meters, will offer a mixed-use environment with an advanced quality of life, state of the art infrastructure, modern street furnishing and finishing.
It will be a vibrant destination for business, residences of different types, tourism, entertainment, retail, schooling, medical centers, government offices and services. It will also cradle a myriad of job opportunities for the Saudi work force.

The Kingdom Tower -World’s Tallest Tower- will be more than 1,000 meters high; it has already reached a visible stage of construction. It is designed by Chicago architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill and will be the tallest in the world and the greatest in all standards.

The tower will inhabit intelligent office space with a 200 keys Four Seasons Hotel, 121 Four Seasons Serviced Flats, 60 Residential floors housing, 318 apartments at different levels and the largest and highest leisure, entertainment space and observatory in the world.


“We welcome you to follow our news to witness history in the making.” — Mounib Hammoud, CEO

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