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Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha

Jeddah Youth Football Club.

Created specifically for kids and young adults, the Jeddah Youth Football Club (JYFC) provides a safe environment for the youth to have a full football experience under the coaching and supervision of young, certified, and talented Saudi coaches. The owner, coach Abdullah Dow, is a businessman with a master’s degree in International Business from France. He’s also certified from Barcelona and the US in Total football (Rondos technique), and US soccer coaching, respectively.

Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha

Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha

JYFC believes in the “Total Football” approach and coaching style, in which any outfield player can take over the role of another player in a team, with very fast short passes – a “Rondos Training Style.” The JYFC currently trains U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, and U12, with each group featuring both beginner and advanced categories. Having been established for 3 years now, their vision is to produce a new generation of football players, who would one day become coaches themselves, applying the Total Football coaching style.

Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha

Courtesy photo Adham Darwisha

The Jeddah Youth Football Club is aligned with Vision 2030, supporting young Saudis and the Saudi community, and helping them become productive members of the society.

Stay tuned as the Football Club plans to eventually open at least three branches in the main cities of Saudi Arabia.

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