Pimp Your Kitchen

Take your kitchen from meh to woah in no time!

  • Get an Integrated Refrigerator

smegNever underestimate the power of appliances that blend in with the background. Built in refrigerators are designed to match the cabinets and will give you a sleek hidden look that will last for decades. Already built your kitchen? Do the next best thing and get a Smeg. Smegs are gorgeous.

  • Install an Induction Cooktop

stove-topFlattop stove in a granite counter? Yes, please. Asides from being the better option to tradition dangerous gas stoves, an induction cooktop will instantly give your kitchen a professional upgrade. Just keep an eye out for burns, it can be pretty easy to lean on a hot station thinking it had cooled down.

  • Double Up the Dishwashers

We read this tip on a blog and we were astounded. Two is always better than one, right? And what better way to snazz up your kitchen and making your life easier all at once than making dishes twice as easy? Just make sure they match, so you don’t end up with a hodge podge cooking space.FISHER_PAYKEL_DISHDRAWER_1

Tip: The dishwashers can now act as dish cabinets since you don’t have to unload it for another pile of dirty dishes. Mind blown? We KNOW.

  • Get Creative with Your Outlets

Flexible-Eubiq-Power-Track-SystemNothing says advanced quite like flexible electric outlets. We’ve recently discovered a genius new system by a company called Eubiq. Using electric ‘tracks’ that mount on your wall; it lets you add, remove, or reposition power outlets all along the track, allowing for more movement on your kitchen counters when using appliances. We’re totally smitten with the concept!

Want something more minimalistic? Invest in hidden outlet solutions that neatly tuck away into your counter.

  • Add in Automation

hands-freeThe age of technology is upon us all. Might as well embrace it! From appliances that tell you what groceries are missing, to hands free faucets, design is moving more and more towards making cooking as seamlessly as possible. Hands free faucets in particular are useful. Who hasn’t prayed for a third hand while filling up a pot with some water or tried to avoid getting the handles dirty?

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