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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Pick the Right School with Madarisna

Pick the Right School with Madarisna

Finding the perfect school for our children will never be the same again with Madarisna App. Collecting all the information that parents need during their school search will no longer be a problem. Parents can now make better informed decisions regarding where to enroll their children with this easy and user-friendly mobile application.

Madarisna is a school locator platform developed by Emkan Education. It is available for download on the App store and Google Play store.

Not only does it offer the location and contact information of different schools across the Kingdom, but also other details such as:
• Extracurricular activities
• Facilities
• Tuition
• Curriculums and more, enabling parents to get all the tools necessary to make the right decision.

While parents can find valuable information about school services on Madarisna, they can also rate schools according to five criteria including administration, extracurricular activities
and building facilities. They can post reviews about schools and view other parents comments as well.

Upon finding a suitable school, parents can add it to their list of favorites, check the links to other social media applications like Instagram and Twitter, or even share the school page with other parents they know.


Missing School in the App?

Users also have the option to add a school’s name in case it is not present on the app itself. The application support team will then locate the school and get in touch with it to collect all the needed information and present it on the app.

Madarisna currently has 500 schools and the database is expanding. The search can be conducted using several filters including grade, curriculum or tuition.

Let Madarisna help you on your quest to provide your child with the best education.

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