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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Part-Time Jobs for Saudi Youth

Part-Time Jobs for Saudi Youth

The dignified lives of youthful hustlers.

Ali, 23
Part-Time Employee at Mnassa, Jeddah

_dbx2701“I chose to work while studying because I wanted to be financially independent and gain experience in my field. I was looking for jobs in different companies, and found Mnassa. At first I was working full-time during summer but with my studies it became too much, so I switched to part-time – I’d rather work than not do anything.”

Hassan Alanzi, 16
Employee at Careem, Riyadh

361a2796“I’ve had to work in many places before I could find my true passion. My parents encouraged me to work while I’m still in school, and that gave me a sense of independence and allowed me to take charge of myself. I’m willing to take on challenges to gain experience, and I’m learning to manage my time pretty well by spending 8 hours at school, 4 hours at work, and finishing my homework before going to sleep. My journey so far has been about independence, teamwork, patience, resilience, passion, and positivity.”

Essam Khashoggi, 23
Trainer at Shrimp Anatomy, Jeddah

_dbx3418Looking for a job that matched my university requirements and managing my schedule was a great challenge that I embarked on. Initially, it was really overwhelming for me to juggle my studies with the job but slowly I started being organized and improved my performance. I received tremendous support from my management and staff at Shrimp Anatomy and this has helped me thrive in addition to gaining experience.

Abdulaziz Zarea, 24
Host at Knead, Jeddah

_dbx3134“Although I had been balancing my studies with my social life, I felt unfulfilled on my 24th birthday. I started to explore my talents by considering productive opportunities to express myself. I went to my best friend and brother, Mohamad AlHashani. He taught me that life is a collection of experiences and memories and every step one takes enriches their life. This gave me boost and I started applying for jobs and coincidently Knead called me for an interview.This experience changed me and I realized how hard it is to deal with people as a waiter and still be friendly and welcoming. Every day brings something new and challenging but at the same time very rewarding.”

AlBaraa Waled, 23
Barista at Caribou, Riyadh

img_5600“I started working straight out of high school. I wanted to earn for myself and be more responsible. Working as an employee polished my personality and made me realize the importance of time. I have also learned to save now. Initially, I thought that switching jobs would be a great idea to gain more experience, but I realized each job takes time to master. Time management is very crucial, working and studying can be exhausting.

Nouf Almuhaya, 17
Barista at Kanakah, Riyadh

img_5656“Coming from a family of hardworking women, it was only natural for me to quickly grasp the understanding that if you want something,  from success to financial stability; one must go and get it, age and academic function aside. The universe is swarming with countless opportunities. Being somewhat independent widened my outlook on becoming familiar with all types of individuals,
when all I ever knew was my group of friends and my small book collection. I truly do believe that facing the ‘real world’ gave me self-determination, overall diplomacy, and nurtured my sense of individuality.”


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